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Michael T. Nettles

Professor of Education, University of Michigan.

Dr. Nettles conducts research on educational policy in several areas including equity, educational testing and assessment, distance learning, undergraduate student access, and performance and degree progress. He is evaluating a campus diversity program of eleven colleges as well as studying pay, promotion, and tenure equity among college and university faculty, graduate student financial support and achievement, and computerized performance tasks to help students achieve higher standards in mathematics and science.

Current Research:
Educational access, opportunity, attainment, the consequences of education for various population groups in the United States, state and national assessment, educational funding policies, and educational testing of students at all levels of education.

BA, Political Science, The University of Tennessee; MS in Higher Education, MA in Political Science, PhD in Higher Education, Iowa State University.

Professional Experience:
Assistant Director for Academic Affairs at the Tennessee Higher Education Commission in Nashville (1978-84), Senior Research Scientist in the Education Policy Research Division of the Educational Testing Service (1984-89), Vice President of Assessment for the University of Tennessee System (1989-92), Executive Director, Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute of the College Fund/UNCF (1996-99).

Activities and Awards:
Member of the National Assessment Governing Board, the College Board of Trustees, and the Board of Trustees of the Emerson School.

Selected Publications:
"Pursuing Broader Participation And Greater Benefit From Federal College Student Financial Aid: Toward New Purposes, Guidelines And Requirements For A More Efficient And Effective College Student Aid Program" (1995); "How Much Can Education Do? Should We Prefer Standardized Tests or High Standards for Everyone?" in Planning for Higher Education (1995); "Equity and Excellence in Educational Testing and Assessment" (1995); "The Emerging National Policy Agenda on Higher Education Assessment: A Wake-up Call of Higher Education Researchers and Scholars" in the Review of Higher Education (1995); "Minority Representation Among Public College and University Degree Recipients, Faculty and Administrators;" "Student Achievement and Success After Enrolling in Undergraduate Public College and Universities in Selected Southern States" (1994); "Minority Student Access to Public Undergraduate Colleges and Universities in Selected Southern States" (1993).


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