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Organized by project area with name and affiliation:

Organizational Restructuring
Michael BastedoStanford University
Marc Chun Stanford University
Judy Dauberman Stanford University
Patricia Gumport Stanford University
Tina Gridiron Stanford University
John Jennings Stanford University
Imanol Ordorika Stanford University
Brian Pusser Stanford University
Angela Schmiede Stanford University
Stuart Snydman Stanford University
Student Transitions: Education and Work
Anthony Antonio Stanford University
Thomas Bailey Columbia University
Sam Bersola Stanford University
John Bishop Cornell University
Peter Cappelli University of Pennsylvania
Amy Hightower Stanford University
Jerry Jacobs University of Pennsylvania
Michael Kirst Stanford University
William Lorie Stanford University
Michael McPherson Macalester College
S. Philip Morgan University of Pennsylvania
Richard Murnane Harvard University
David Neumark Michigan State University
Harold Salzman University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Morton Schapiro University of Southern California
Dan Shapiro University of Pennsylvania
Andrea Venezia Stanford University
Robert Zemsky University of Pennsylvania
Markets and Student Outcomes
Julie Ackerman University of Pennsylvania
Stephen Barley Stanford University
Bill Carter University of Pennsylvania
Greg Dubrow University of Pennsylvania
Jennifer Giancola University of Pennsylvania
Jackie Hendrick University of Pennsylvania
Marvin Lazerson University of Pennsylvania
Deborah Marcus University of Pennsylvania
William Massy Stanford University
Michael McPherson Macalster College
Morton Schapiro Williams College
Susan Shaman University of Pennsylvania
Dan Shapiro University of Pennsylvania
Weibin Xu University of Pennsylvania
Robert Zemsky University of Pennsylvania
Professional Development
John Baugh Stanford University
Andrea Bueschel Stanford University
Mary Huber Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Julie Kerekes Stanford University
Bill Koski Stanford University
Janet Lawrence University of Michigan
Lee Shulman Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
Richard Shavelson Stanford University
Learning and Assessment
Catherine Augustine University of Michigan
Jack Bernard University of Michigan
Stephanie Brugler University of Michigan
John Cole University of Michigan
Eric Dey University of Michigan
Marne Einarson University of Michigan
Heidi Grunwald University of Michigan
Sylvia Hurtado University of Michigan
Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas University of Michigan
Ann Killenbeck University of Michigan
Malinda Matney University of Michigan
Matthew Mayhew University of Michigan
Ellen Waterson Meader University of Michigan
Chris Navia University of Michigan
Michael Nettles University of Michigan
Marvin Peterson University of Michigan
Luis Ponjuan University of Michigan
Thomas Perorazio University of Michigan
Byung-Shik Rhee University of Michigan
Sally Sharp University of Michigan
Andrea Trice University of Michigan
Derek Vaughan University of Michigan
Zhengxu Wang University of Michigan
Leslie Wimsatt University of Michigan
Michael Zabriskie University of Michigan
Mary Ziskin University of Michigan
Academic Quality and Productivity
William Massy Stanford University
Xin-Chun Niu Stanford University
Andrea Wilger Stanford University


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