College Choice Decision

The following guidelines are useful when picking a College that is right for you (or your child)

Picking the college that's right for you
Prospects of Success at a Chosen College

College Choice Decision - Picking the college that is right for you

How to find colleges that matches your goals and interests

Four Year Colleges at Best College Picks.Com
Choosing a Community College
Go College.Com Search
College Board College Search
College Quest
General Guidelines at Embark.Com
College View College Search (A very comprehensive search facility)
US News.Com

Matching my Academic Profile to Colleges

What are the middle range of class ranks for the colleges in which I am interested?

Search by GPAs at Embark.Com

Search by SAT, ACT, class rank and size of school
College Quest.Com
Best College Picks.Com
Go College.Com (Note: This site is best used when searched with a specific major in mind)


Prospects of Success

Graduation rates are good pointers to the chances of success

Exploring Success Rates

Statistical Data from The Chronicle of Higher Education





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Picking the Right College Using Your (child's)
Goals and Interests

Academic Profile

Prospects of Success
Exploring Success Rates



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