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College Cost: Sticker Prices versus Real Prices
Deciding to Attend Full-time or Part-time
Propects of Financial Aid

College Cost : Sticker Prices versus Real Prices

How actual price differs from the sticker price

ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education


Deciding to Attend Full-time or Part-time

Attending full-time or part-time affects the final cost of a college education. It is useful to consider the trade-off between cost and time needed to graduate.

Data on time to degree for full-time versus part-time

National Center for Education Statistics Data Tables



College Cost : Prospects of Financial Aid

General Financial Aid Information

US Department of Education
Peterson's Financial Aid Channel
Think Quest
Wired Scholar.Com's Scholarship Searches and information on Student Loans
How Stuff Works.Com's How College Financial Aid Works
College Planning.Com's Contributions' Worksheet

Grants and Fellowships: Merit Based and Need-based Aid

Think Quest.Com Guide to Fellowships and Grants
FinAid.Org Guide to Scholarships Information
FinAid.Org Guide to Other Grants
Profile-based Scholarship Search on FastWeb.Com

Loans for Students and for Parents

Lending Tree.Com's Student Loan Center
FinAid.Org Guide to Loan
Think Quest.Com's Guide to Student Loans
Educaid's Steps to the Financial Aid Process: Federal versus Alternative Loans

Jobs and College Work Study

Think Quest.Com's Guide to Work Study




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Sticker Price versus Real Price
How they differ

How Attending Full-time or Part-time affects cost
NCES Statistical Data

Prospects of Financial Aid
General Information

Grants and Fellowships


Jobs and Work Study


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