College Financing

On this page you will find links to sites that discuss how to finance your (child's) college education.

What the family is expected to contribute
Scholarships that are not income dependent
Advantageous ways to borrow for college

What the family is expected to contribute

General Information on Estimating Expected Family Contribution

College Board Financial Aid Calculators: Estimating Expected Family Contribution

Online Calculators and Worksheets

College Planning Contributions Worksheet
FinAid.Org Guide to Estimating Financial Aid and Family Contribution
Sallie Mae Loan Finder
College Board Financial Aid Calculators


Scholarships That do not Depend on Income

Competitive National Scholarships

National Merit Scholarship Corporation Scholarships

Information about other Scholarships

Sallie Mae Scholarship Resources Advice
XAP Scholarship Search
Merit Money.Com ($29 to subscribe)
Scholarship Resource Network Express
Nationally Coveted Scholarships, Fellowships and Postdoctoral Awards
Book on Complete college scholarship, financial aid grant, college preparation, and college admission application strategies for high school students and their parents at Make E-Z Guides'.

Also, most merit awards are found at individual college sites and many are for upperclassmen or declared majors (i.e. associated with organizations, foundations etc).


Advantageous ways to borrow for College

Various Bank Plans for Families and Students

Wired Scholar.Com
Princeton Review's Primer on loans
The College Board's 10 Essential Borrowing Tips and College Board Loans
Mapping Your Future: Saving for College
National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs
Sallie Mae.Com's Overview on Loans




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Expected Family Contributions
General Information
Online Calculators

Non-Income Based Scholarships
Competitive National Scholarships
Other Scholarships

Advantageous ways to borrow for college
Various Bank Plans

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