Handbook of Metalloproteins Now Available Online

The Handbook of Metalloproteins covers a number of metals, including iron, nickel, manganese, cobalt, copper and vanadium, and provides detailed information on proteins found in the redox-inactive ions of zinc and calcium. It includes comprehensive coverage for each metalloprotein.

Handbook of Metalloproteins

  • Graphical representation of the 3D structure: full colour representation of the overall fold in form of a ribbon plot including the metal active site(s), ball-and-stick representation of the metal active site(s).
  • Presents the functional class: enzyme, electron transfer protein, metal storage, metal transport, transcription factor, etc.
  • Occurrence: names the organism(s), organ(s) and cell compartments where the metalloprotein occurs.
  • Biological function: discusses in a broad biological context the known or putative biological function of the metalloprotein.
  • Amino Acid sequence information: lists the references known for both the particular and related proteins.
  • Spectroscopic data: reviews relevant properties obtained from the whole spectrum of spectroscopic techniques.
  • Functional derivatives: examines the 3D structures of modified metalloproteins to offer essential information for understanding their function.
  • Metal content and co-factors: states the nature of the protein’s metal(s), the content, the nature and content of other co-factors like heme, cobalamine, etc. Includes the method(s) of determination of the metal(s) or co-factor(s).
  • Protein production, purification and molecular characterization: reports on the production of the protein by recombinant techniques, growth of bacteria or fungi taken from special parts of a plant or animal.
  • Comparative information: identifies classes allowing comparisons between the same and different metalloproteins.
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