Organic Reactions Online Trial Access

Trial access to Organic Reactions has been made available for Volumes 25–74, 1977–2009.

Publisher’s Description about Organic Reactions:

Organic Reactions is a comprehensive collection of important synthetic reactions, together with a critical discussion of the reaction and tables that organize all published examples of the topic reactions. Chapters that focus on reactions of current interest are solicited by the board of editors from leading chemists worldwide. The publication process entails a comprehensive peer-review process, ensuring the high quality and attention to detail for which this series is noted. Organic Reactions currently consists of over 140,000 reactions, and will continue to grow annually.

Organic Reactions is the definitive resource for synthetic transformations, with an emphasis on preparative aspects. Comprehensive coverage of all examples of a given reaction is provided in tabular form. In addition to providing reaction scope, stereochemical aspects, and side reactions, a selection of representative experimental conditions are given. All chapters represent the highest standard for accuracy and reliability from internationally acclaimed authors and editors.”

If you think that we should have an online subscription to Organic Reactions, please send Grace Baysinger ( an email message. Thanks!

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