14 July 2014 - Yale EEB graduate students have invited Tad as a G. Evelyn Hutchinson Distinguished Speaker. He is honored and excited! This visit will happen in May 2015.

8 July 2014 - Devin Leopold presents work on New Zealand alpine plants at Island Biology conference.

28 June 2014 - Ecology Letters selects Fukami et al. 2010 for inclusion in the Virtual Issue "The Structure & Effects of Biodiversity from Oceans to Mountains."

17 June 2014 - Holly receives Kallman Award from Stanford Biology, awarded annually to a female graduate student in recognition of special excellence in coursework, teaching, and/or research.

30 May 2014 - A funded PhD student position is available, to work on evolutionary priority effects in New Zealand plants. Apply by June 27.

27 May 2014 - Kai Zhu arrives as our newest postdoc.

14 May 2014 - Manpreet Dhami joins the lab as a new postdoc.

7 May 2014 - Of the four (!) postdoc positions she has been offerred, Holly has decided to take an NSF fellowship to go back to WHOI to work with Mike Neubert and Matt Johnson, starting in January 2015.

18 February 2014 - Meike Wittmann arrives as a new postdoc, to be co-supervised by Dmitri Petrov and Tad.

29 January 2014 - Holly gave a podcast interview on Moeller et al. (2014) to Goggles Optional. In this interview, you can even listen to a song dedicated to the trees and fungi studied by Holly!

23 January 2014 - Stanford News writes about Good et al. (2014) on microbes that make honey bees picky.

16 January 2014 - Ben Callahan receives an honorable mention for the Don Abbott Postdoctoral Research Award at the ASN conference, for his presentation of the niche construction experiment he did in the lab.

15 January 2014 - Vannette and Fukami (2014) recommended by Chih-hao Hsieh in Faculty of 1000. Read his comments here.

20 December 2013 - Manpreet Dhami accepts an offer of the community ecology postdoc position. She will join us in May 2014.

13 December 2013 - The lab picks the best papers of 2013.

27 November 2013 - Kai Zhu accepts an offer of the global change postdoc position, to join us in June 2014.

25 November 2013 - Tad speaks about teaching-research integration at the University of Maryland.

26 September 2013 - Postdoc position in community ecology available. Application due 1 November 2013.

3 September 2013 - Postdoc position in global change ecology available. Application due 1 October 2013.

4 August 2013 - We are attending a lot of summer conferences to share our recent findings. Devin, Holly, Rachel, and Caroline speak at ESA, while Tad presents at BSA, MSA, INTECOL, and a biodiversity workshop. Peter participates in a NESCent working group. Rachel was also at Evolution meetings, while Holly at a math biology workshop.

1 August 2013 - Meike Wittman at Munich receives a CEHG postdoc fellowship. She will join us in January 2014.

10 July 2013 - Melinda's story at Jasper Ridge now viewable.

1 July 2013 - Rachel is the Highlighted Young PPE Member of the Month.

13 June 2013 - Melinda defends her PhD thesis. Congrats!

30 May 2013 - Holly becomes an ARCS Scholar. She also wins a William F. Woo Award for her Stanford Daily column.

8 April 2013 - AAAS describes Science prize awarded to Biology 44Y.

4 April 2013 - PhD student and postdoc positions available on evolutionary community assembly in New Zealand plants

29 March 2013 - Biology 44Y wins a Science Prize for Inquiry-Based Instruction.

11 February 2013 - Caroline Tucker discusses Vannette et al. (2013) in her blog.

4 January 2013 - Peter Zee joins the lab as an NSF postdoc.

13 December 2012 - Lab picks the best papers of the year.

20 November 2012 - Tad speaks at Current Themes in Ecology.

14 October 2012 - Holly's article published in San Francisco Chronicle.

13 October 2012 - Ashley presents her honeybee work at SACNAS.

29 August 2012 - Lab alum Colin Olito, author of Olito & Fukami (2009), wins Volterra Prize for his ESA talk.

10 August 2012 - Ashley, Caroline, Holly, Rachel, and Tad have presented at ESA.

9 July 2012 - Tad lectures on biodiversity in the Hopkins Microbiology Course.

14 June 2012 - Rachel Vannette's new fellowship featured in the Univeristy of Michigan EEB News.

1 June 2012 - Caroline Tucker arrives as a visiting PhD student from Toronto, to work in the lab for 4 months.

23 May 2012 - David Flaspohler, Tad's collaborator on the Hawaii kipuka project, describes the project in a New York Times article.

21 May 2012 - Matt Knope, the lab's first PhD, receives a postdoc fellowship to work with Jon Payne in his Paleobiology Lab. Congrats!

11 May 2012 - Rachel Vannette receives a 3-year LSRF postdoc fellowship sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which will allow her to keep working in the lab on nectar microbes. Congrats!

3 May 2012 - Dan Simberloff, the lab's dad, elected to National Academy of Sciences.

2 May 2012 - Kabir Peay, our former postdoc, returns to Stanford, now as a new Assistant Professor in Biology. Welcome back!

6 April 2012 - Melinda Belisle receives a Ford Foundation Fellowship honorable mention. Congrats!

3 April 2012 - Peter Zee, a PhD student at Indiana University with Jim Bever and Greg Velicer, receives an NSF Postdoc Fellowship. He will use it to join our lab in January 2013.

30 March 2012 - Tad visits the EEB of the UTK, his home school, as a student-invited speaker.

30 March 2012 - Devin Leopold, who will start his PhD study in the lab this fall, receives an NSF pre-doctoral fellowship honorable mention. Congrats!

27 February 2012 - Holly Moeller receives an NSF DDIG. Congratulations!

15 February 2012 - Matt Knope successfuly defends his thesis. Congratulations!

11 January 2012 - Caroline Tucker, a PhD student with Marc Cadotte at the University of Toronto, won an NSERC travel award, which she will use to spend 4 months in our lab later this year.