Tadashi Fukami

Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Stanford University

Lab news

17 January 2016 - Tad to give a talk at UGA Plant Biology on 1 February.

8 January 2016 - Farewell to Kai Zhu, who moves to Rice University as a Huxley Fellow, but collaboration with him continues.

9 December 2015 - The lab picks the best papers of 2015.

11 November 2015 - Stanford CEHG interviews Andrew, our newest postdoc. Read here.

10 November 2015 - Manpreet invited to speak at Genomics of Energy & Environment meeting at JGI in March next year.

3 October 2015 - Po-Ju receives Volterra award for the best student talk in theoretical ecology at ESA.

25 September 2015 - Tad to give a UC Davis Ecology and Evolution seminar on 1 October.

14 September 2015 - Tad to give a talk at Iowa State EEOB on 17 September.

1 September 2015 - Rachel Vannette, our former postdoc, starts her lab at UC Davis Dept of Entomology and Nematology.

4 August 2015 - Our talks at ESA next week: Our co-authored talks:
19 July 2015 - Farewell to Meike, who will soon start a new postdoc with Joachim Hermisson at Vienna. But collaboration with her continues.

25 June 2015 - Lab's first PhD Matt Knope accepts Assistant Professor position offer from Biology Department at the University of San Francisco.

1 June 2015 - Po-Ju's paper on plant-soil feedback recommended by Bernhard Schmid et al. in Faculty of 1000.

25 April 2015 - Tad to give a talk on 1 May as a G. Evelyn Hutchinson Speaker invited by Yale EEB graduate students.

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Contact info

E-mail: fukamit at stanford dot edu
Phone: +1 650 721 1711
Fax: +1 650 723 6132
Office location: 498 Herrin Labs
Mail: Department of Biology, Stanford University, 371 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305-5020, USA