Front (from left): Mike, Wes, Jian, Paul; back: Kevin, Sean, Huada, Xian. December 5, 2019.

From left: Xian, Huada, Sevahn, Paul, Wes, Thanh, Kevin, Sean, Jian. July, 2018.

From left: Guoxi, Wes, Sean, Kyle, Kevin, Huada, Jian. May, 2017.

From left: Jian, Andrea, Kyle, Kevin, Guoxi, CJ, Amber. July, 2016.

Hydrogen bonding network and Pacific ocean, two extreme forms of water.
Our perception of world spans a wide range of length & time scales. We use theoretical modeling to bridge the gaps.
We work primarily, but not exclusively, with Soft Matters, by using Statistical Mechnics and, sometimes, Simple ^_- Mathematics.