Speech and Language Processing (3rd ed. draft)
Dan Jurafsky and James H. Martin

Draft chapters in progress, August 15, 2018

This is a preliminary release (for people teaching courses this term who need chapters immediately); A more complete draft release (with chapters 9 and likely 14, 15) expected soon. The slides are in the process of being updated now, we are putting them up as we write them.

Significantly rewritten version of 5, 6, 7, 8, 17, 18, 24, 25, including better pedagogical sequences on neural networks and training, starting with logistic regression and continuing with embeddings, feed-forward nets, and (soon) RNNs. New lecture slides (so far) for chapters 6 and 25.

Here's a single pdf of the whole book-so-far!

Typos and comments welcome (just email slp3edbugs@gmail.com and let us know the date on the draft)!
And feel free to use the draft slides in your classes.

When will the book be finished? We're shooting for late 2019.

(Sorry for the random chapter numbers and occasional missing latex crossrefs in the pdfs, we are constantly reorganizing. The order on this page is our best guess at the final order)

Chapter Slides Relation to 2nd ed.
1:Introduction [Ch. 1 in 2nd ed.]
2:Regular Expressions, Text Normalization, and Edit Distance Text [pptx] [pdf]
Edit Distance [pptx] [pdf]
[Ch. 2 and parts of Ch. 3 in 2nd ed.]
3: Language Modeling with N-Grams LM [pptx] [pdf]
[Ch. 4 in 2nd ed.]
4: Naive Bayes Classification and Sentiment NB [pptx] [pdf]
Sentiment [pptx] [pdf]
[new in this edition]
5: Logistic Regression
6: Vector Semantics Vector1 [pptx] [pdf]
Vector2 [pptx] [pdf]
7: Neural Nets and Neural Language Models
8: Part-of-Speech Tagging [Ch. 5 in 2nd ed.]
9: Neural Sequence Modeling: RNNs and LSTMs
10: Formal Grammars of English [Ch. 12 in 2nd ed.]
11: Syntactic Parsing [Ch. 13 in 2nd ed.]
12: Statistical Parsing [Ch. 14 in 2nd ed.]
13: Dependency Parsing [new in this edition]
14: The Representation of Sentence Meaning
15: Computational Semantics
16: Semantic Parsing
17: Information Extraction [Ch. 22 in 2nd ed.]
18: Semantic Role Labeling and Argument Structure SRL [pptx] [pdf]
Select [pptx] [pdf]
[expanded from parts of Ch. 19 and 20 in 2nd ed.]
19: Computing with Word Senses: WSD and WordNet Intro, Sim [pptx] [pdf]
WSD [pptx] [pdf]
[expanded from parts of Ch. 19 and 20 in 2nd ed.]
20: Lexicons for Sentiment and Affect Extraction SentLex [pptx] [pdf] [new in this edition]
21: Coreference Resolution and Entity Linking
22: Discourse Coherence
23: Seq2seq Models and Machine Translation
24: Question Answering [expanded from parts of Chapter 23 in the second edition]
25: Dialog Systems and Chatbots Dialog [pptx] [pdf] [expanded from Chapter 24 in the second edition]
26: Advanced Dialog Systems [expanded from Chapter 24 in the second edition]
27: Speech Recognition
27: Speech Synthesis
Appendix Chapters (likely just on the web)
A: Hidden Markov Models