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Tuofei (Francis) Chen is a PhD Candidate in the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford. He is advised by Prof. Bill Dally and his research interest lies in design, modeling and control of multilevel power electronics converters for renewable energy systems.

Francis came from Shenzhen, China, where the world largest electronic component markets in Huaqiang Bei (华强北) sparked his interest in electrical engineering from a young age. He obtained his BS and MS in EE from Northwestern University, where he worked under Prof. Aggelos Katsaggelos in the Image and Video Processing Lab . His master thesis is on RGB-D SLAM for MAV Indoor Navigation. During his first year at Stanford, he had the pleasure to rotate with Prof. Ram Rajagopal and Prof. Simona Onori. He also interned at Tesla to help develop their battery capacity estimation algorithms.

In his free time, Francis enjoys playing basketball, soccer, scuba diving and traveling. See some of the photos he took along the way here.