Tsachy (Itschak) Weissman- צחי (יצחק) ויסמן

Tsachy Weissman photo 

Tsachy Weissman
Information Systems Laboratory,
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Stanford University

Photo courtesy of Hector Garcia-Molina

Fall 2014 Office Hours: Tuesday, 3:30-5:00pm or by appointment.

Please note: Regretfully, I cannot respond to most inquiries regarding openings for graduate and postdoctoral positions in my group.

Recent Press

Marconi Society Award to Himanshu Asnani

Marconi Young Scholar Video (PW: MYS)

HBO's "Silicon Valley" "IEEE Spectrum" "Wired" "LA Times" "The Wall Street Journal"

Quantitative Approach to Information Processing

2012 ISIT Student Paper Awards


Packard 256, Stanford, CA 94305
Tel: (650) 736-1418
Email: tsachy {at} stanford.edu
Web page: http://www.stanford.edu/~tsachy/


Doug Chaffee
Packard 259, Stanford, CA 94305
Tel: (650) 721-2892
Email: dchaffee@ee.stanford.edu