Patents (Inventor or Co-Inventor)

Granted U.S. and E.P.O. Patents

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  • Context-based denoiser that simultaneously updates probabilities for multiple contexts Patent US7271749 Issued: 09182007

  • Denoising video Patent US7420487 Issued: 09022008

  • Enhanced denoising system utilizing incremental parsing Patent US7433427 Issued: 10072008

  • Method and system for optimizing denoising parameters using compressibility Patent US7436969 Issued: 10142008

  • Discrete universal denoising with error correction coding Patent EP1766832 Issued: 12102008

  • Methods for compression using a denoiser Patent US7474793 Issued: 01062009

  • Context identi cation using a denoised signal Patent US7498961 Issued: 03032009

  • Method and system for producing variable length context models Patent US7624009 Issued: 11242009

  • Denoising and error correction for nite input general output channel Patent US200404580 Issued: 5102012

  • Universal lossy compression methods Patent US8320687. Issued: 11272012


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