Patents (Inventor or Co-Inventor)

Granted U.S. and E.P.O. Patents

Method for correcting noise errors in a digital signal

          Patent US7047472

          Issued: 05/16/2006

Method and system for determining an optimal or near optimal set of contexts by constructing a multi-directional context tree

          Patent US7123172

          Issued: 10/17/2006

Discrete universal denoising with reliability information

          Patent US7269781

          Issued: 09/11/2007

Context-based denoiser that simultaneously updates probabilities for multiple contexts

          Patent US7271749

          Issued: 09/18/2007

Denoising video

          Patent US7420487

          Issued: 09/02/2008

Enhanced denoising system utilizing incremental parsing

          Patent US7433427

          Issued: 10/07/2008

Method and system for optimizing denoising parameters using compressibility

          Patent US7436969

          Issued: 10/14/2008

Discrete universal denoising with error correction coding

          Patent EP1766832

          Issued: 12/10/2008

Methods for compression using a denoiser

          Patent US7474793

          Issued: 01/06/2009

Context identi cation using a denoised signal

          Patent US7498961

          Issued: 03/03/2009

Method and system for producing variable length context models

          Patent US7624009

          Issued: 11/24/2009

Denoising and error correction for nite input general output channel

          Patent US200404580

          Issued: 5/10/2012

Universal lossy compression methods

          Patent US8320687.

          Issued: 11/27/2012


Enhanced denoising system

          U.S. Application US20050163267

Discrete denoising using blended counts

          U.S. Application US20060045218

Method and system for denoising noisy signals

          PCT Application WO2009017698. Patent reference 700207080US01

Method for lossy compression of analogue data via Markov chain Monte Carlo

          Provisional patent application number 61/260436