Tsachy (Itschak) Weissman- צחי (יצחק) ויסמן

Tsachy Weissman photo 

Tsachy Weissman
Information Systems Laboratory,
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Stanford University

Photo courtesy of Hector Garcia-Molina

Winter 2015 Office Hours: Thursdays, 2:00-4:00pm or by appointment.

Please note: Regretfully, I cannot respond to most inquiries regarding openings for graduate and postdoctoral positions in my group.

Recent Press

Making personalized medicine practical

EE information theory is guiding improved ways to model and compress data

Marconi Society Award to Himanshu Asnani

Marconi Young Scholar Video (PW: MYS)

HBO's "Silicon Valley" "IEEE Spectrum" "Wired" "LA Times" "The Wall Street Journal"

Quantitative Approach to Information Processing

2012 ISIT Student Paper Awards


Packard 256, Stanford, CA 94305
Tel: (650) 736-1418
Email: tsachy {at} stanford.edu
Web page: http://www.stanford.edu/~tsachy/


Doug Chaffee
Packard 259, Stanford, CA 94305
Tel: (650) 721-2892
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