Important: As noted in the General Information handout, you may not use any late days, free or otherwise, on assignment 7.

Your last assignment will give you practice with Classes and collections. You will also learn how to write a program that interacts with the internet.

This assignment may (optionally) be done in pairs. As a reminder, you may only pair up with others with the same section time and location.

Assignment Files

Frequently asked questions and errata

  • Question: What does it mean if one of the ServerTester tests fails with an "Unexpected end of file from server" error?
    Answer: This usually happens when the server crashes when sending a response. Check Eclipse for crash messages and see if you can figure out what the issue is.
  • Question: I'm on a Mac and can't run the client JAR file from Eclipse - it gives me an error message. What should I do?
    Answer: macOS's security restrictions sometimes prevent you from running software from unidentified developers (but you can trust us :) ). To get around this, find the JAR file on your computer (wherever you downloaded the starter code to), right click on the file, and click "Open".

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