Download Your Final

Download your encrypted midterm: The encrypted midterms are ready to download! (If the links are not live for your exam, check back soon). You should download the exam in advance of arriving at your exam location as well as the BlueBook software. Warning: Make sure to download the correct exam - otherwise the password you are given in your exam room won't match (sad times).

Exam Type Download Links
Regular Seating Mon. 8:30-11:30AM Regular Exam
OAE 150% extra time OAE 150% Exam
OAE 200% extra time OAE 200% Exam

Test your exam: Open BlueBook and load your exam before the final on Friday.


Last Name: A through H
Hewlett 201

Last Name: I through Z
Hewlett 200

Review Session

There will be an optional final review session this Wednesday at 7:30 pm in Educ 128. Hope to see you there!

What to bring

The exam is on computer. You should bring:

  • A laptop (with bluebook installed) and charger
  • The device you use for two-step authentication
  • Paper notes (it's open book)
  • A power strip/extension cord (optional, but recommended if you have access to one)

If you don't have a working laptop let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and we will get you set up with one.


Solutions have been posted. Note that the BlueBook practice exam includes a file called "instructions".


Like the midterm, the final exam is administered on a digital tool called BlueBook. If you still have bluebook from the midterm, skip this section. If you have a new laptop, please make sure to download and install BlueBook on your laptop before the exam.

  • Mac download: Mac
  • PC download: PC
  • Linux download: Linux

Note: If you're using a Mac and you get an error saying that the Disk Image is from an unidentified developer, don't panic! Simply open up the Mac-BlueBook-1.0.0.dmg file in your finder, and right click it and select 'open'. The same window will pop up, but this time you'll have a chance to open it anyway. On Windows, If you get a message that says, "Windows protected your PC," you can click on "More info" and then "Run anyway".

A practice exam that can be run on BlueBook can be downloaded above. This exam will be run under timed conditions, and give you an idea of what to expect for the actual exam.

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