SCPD student information

Adapted from Nick Troccoli's 106A SCPD handout

Welcome to CS 106A! We are happy to have you in the course this quarter. Since SCPD students are off-campus, there are several aspects of CS 106A that are slightly different for SCPD students than for on-campus students, as described below.

Section Because SCPD students are off-campus, we offer a few remote discussion sections. Fill out the section signup form and indicate you are SCPD and you will be assigned a virtual section!

Assignments The process for working on and submitting assignments is identical for both regular and SCPD students.

Office Hours and LaIR All SCPD students are given access to the virtual LaIR, which is conducted at the same time as in-person LaIR. Use the same signup link form the website and indicate you would like to be in the virtual queue. A note for other students reading: this option is only available to SCPD students

Additionally, please feel free to email your SL for any questions you may have about assignments, logistics, etc.; they are your primary point of contact for the course.

Exams Exams are administered by your registered SCPD exam monitor; please see here for more information about exam monitors. You will have a 24 hour window from the start of the on-campus exam in which to complete the exam using the alloted exam time (2 hours for the midterm exam, 3 hours for the final exam).

You may also take exams at the on-campus seatings; if you’d like to do this, please email Ecy or Frankie for each exam to let us know you will be taking the exam on campus. Note that, per SCPD guidelines, you still need a registered exam monitor even if you will be taking the exam on campus.

After they are graded, exams will be returned to you electronically.