CS103: Mathematical Foundations of Computing

Spring 2024
MWF 3:00PM - 4:20PM in Bishop Auditorium


Problem Set One Released
1 week ago by Alex and Keith

Problem Set One goes out today. It's due next Friday at 3:00PM, right at the start of lecture. This problem set is where you'll write your first mathematical proofs and get a chance to play around with the topics we've covered in the first week of the course. You won't need any material from next week's lectures. Before starting this problem set, take some time to read our Guide to Proofs and the Proofwriting Checklist. There are also helpful resources on $\LaTeX$ for typesetting your answers (answers must be typed, though $\LaTeX$ is not required), how to work effectively with partners, and how to make effective use of office hours. Finally, there's a general guide on how to succeed in CS103 based on the experiences of past students. Best of luck! We hope you have fun with this one.

Problem Set Matchmaking
1 week and 1 day ago by Keith

If you are looking to find a partner for the problem sets, you are welcome to fill out our problem set matchmaker form by Friday at the start of class. We'll then connect you with another student in the course you can work with.

Welcome to CS103!
3 weeks ago by Alex and Keith

Welcome to CS103, an introduction to discrete mathematics, computability theory, and complexity theory! We have an great quarter ahead of us filled with some of the most foundational results in computer science, and we hope that you're able to join us. See you soon!

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