CS103: Mathematical Foundations of Computing
Summer 2020
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:30am to 11:20am PDT via Zoom. See Canvas for more details.


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Thurs Jul 23rd
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Ryan Smith


Problem Set 3 Released

Problem Set 3 has been released. You can find it under the assignments tag.

Problem Set 1 Grades Released

Problem Set 1 grades have been released. You can find them on Gradescope. Going over assignment solutions is one of the best things you can do for your understanding and grade in this class! Regrade requests are now available. Read the Regrade Policies under the "Course Info" tab for more information.

Problem Set 1 Solutions Released

Problem Set 1 solutions have been released. You can find them here or under the assignment page. Going over assignment solutions is one of the best things you can do for your understanding and grade in this class!

Problem Set 2 Released

Problem Set 2 has been released. It is due next Thursday at 11:59PM (no checkpoint). Some of problems 4-6 will be easier after material from next Monday's lecture. Problems You can find it in the assignments tab.

Problem Set 1 was due last night. You have the option of taking a late period on it and submitting by Saturday night at 11:59PM. See the problem set policies under the course info tab for more information.

Week 1-2 Recap

Here is a recap on material and due dates from the first 2 weeks. Note that due to the federal holiday observation on July 3rd, we will not have class on Friday, July 3rd.

  • In week 1 we introduced set theory and developed various strategies for proving statements. In week 2 we started on propisitional logic and first-order logic and saw how those related to proofs.
  • The pset 1 is due July 2nd at 11:59pm (PDT). Anything turned in after that will be considered late. See our problem set policies handout for information on late days.
  • The pset 2 will be released on Friday, July 3rd and will be due on Thursday, July 9th at 11:59pm. There is no checkpoint on this assignment.
  • The office hours calendar is now up, see the office hours link in the resources tab on the left.
  • Checkpoint 1 has been graded and is now released. Solutions can be found on the pset 1 page. Please look at this feedback before turning in pset 1. Looking at and understanding feedback is crucial for understanding and doing well in this course.

Welcome to Summer Quarter!

Welcome from instructor Ryan Smith and the rest of the teaching team!

Here is the basic information for getting started in the course.

  • The website is still under construction so some links may be dead or out of date. Most information should be corect by the start of class. If you come across any references to materials that are missing or that don't make sense, make a post on Campuswire.
  • Campuswire is our Q and A forum. It is a good place for most questions. You can post publicly or privately. If you want a live discussion, come to staff Office Hours (starts week 2). If you joined the class late, you can use the code 4552 to join the class Campuswire.
  • Lectures are live on Zoom from 9:30am to 11:20am PDT every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. You'll need to make a Zoom account with your Stanford email address. The link to these lectures can be found on Canvas. It is not posted on this website for privacy reasons. Recordings can be als be found on Canvas, under "Course Videos".
  • Assignment 0 has been released and can be found here. It is due Thursday at 11:59pm PDT.
  • CS 106B is a corequisite, so you need to have already taken it or be currently taking it.
  • If any of you anticipate that any of the adjustments we've made to move lecture, office hours, exams, etc online this quarter will not work well for you for whatever reason, please email the staff list to let us know so we can find a workaround: cs103-sum1920-staff@lists.stanford.edu.