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Lecture schedule is subject to change. Slides will be published here before the start of each lecture.

Tuesday Thursday Homework (Due Date)
Week 1 9/26Introduction 9/28Working with Light Blender Setup (Mon 10/2)
Week 2 10/3Virtual World 10/5Triangles Triangles & Transformations (Mon 10/9)
Week 3 10/10Ray Tracing 10/12Recursive Ray Tracing Ray Tracing (Mon 10/16)
Week 4 10/17Optics 10/19Shading Lighting & Shading (Mon 10/23)
Week 5 10/24Global Illumination 10/26Photon Mapping Global Illumination (Mon 10/30)
Week 6 10/31Sampling 11/2Advanced Rendering Advanced Rendering (Mon 11/6)
Week 7 11/7(Democracy Day) 11/9Final Project Kickoff
Week 8 11/14Geometric Modeling 11/16More Geometric Modeling Geometric Modeling (Mon 11/27)
Week 9 11/21(Thanksgiving) 11/23(Thanksgiving)
Week 10 11/28Texture Mapping 11/30More Texture Mapping Texturing (Mon 12/4)
Week 11 12/5(Work on Project) 12/7(Work on Project)
Week 12 NO FINAL EXAM Final Project (THU 12/14)

Supplemental Readings and Reference Materials


Course Outline

Content and slides for this course were borrowed from Pat Hanrahan's CS 148 and CS 348B classes, Marc Levoy's computational and digital photography classes, Bernd Girod's EE classes, Michael Lentine and Jon Su's CS 248 class, and James O' Brien and Ravi Ramamoorthi's classes at UC Berkeley.

Supplemental Readings are not mandatory, but are useful sources of information.