Every lecture, we will have a debate on an approach that was championed by the focus paper. Each student will do at least two debates, one arguing for and one arguing against the merits of approach. The debates may be done in teams of maximally two people.


We will use an alternating debate scheme where each speaker has in total 5 minutes to speak per round. There will be two rounds in total. The affirmative team starts with their 5 minutes. Then is followed by the negative team. For the second round, the affirmative team can rebuttal the points of the negative team now in another 5 minutes and close the discussion. The negative team closes the round with their last 5 minutes.

The first and last minute of these 5 minutes are protected and no interruption is allowed. Inbetween, questions by the audience or the opposing side are allowed. The speaker can allow or reject the question. However admitting question will be viewed favourable. Posing the question cannot last longer than 15 seconds.


We will use the following debate rubric for grading. Furthermore, after each debate, we will poll all students to re-rate the paper to see if their opinion changed compared to the initial review