Tutorial Presentation

Each student will present one of the papers in the class syllabus. The presentation should be in tutorial style and also explain any necessary background of the technical topic. The student is also expected to be able to answer questions on the topic raised by his/her peers. The student has 30 minutes to present (25 mins present + 5 mins Q and A).

Draft Presentation

The success of the course depends upon the quality of the student presentations. To ensure this quality, we ask that you meet in person with the course assistant to review your presentation the Thursday before you give your presentation. Here are the times allocated for this:

  • Thursday 3:00pm: Tuesday Tutorial

  • Thursday 3:45pm: Thursday Tutorial

The tutorial review will be in Gates 132.

If you have a conflict with your assigned time, please make other arrangements with the course assistant.

Attention: This means that your slides are essentially due the week before you present.


Your presentation will be graded according to the following criteria:

  • Clarity of presentation

  • Explanation of prior work

  • Discussion of applications

  • Response to student questions

  • Time management

If your paper requires prior knowledge of certain concepts that were not previously covered, then you should spend some time reviewing these concepts. Above all, these presentations need to be clear. You may use videos, code, presentations, papers, or anything else available online to supplement the presentation of your topic (but give credit where it is due).

Tip: There is no need to cover everything in the paper. Just make sure that whatever you do present is presented clearly.


You will need to submit your presentation in PDF format. It will later be posted on the course page in an area that is only accessible to students in the course. Please submit your presentation on Canvas no later than 7pm before the day of your presentation.

Attention: For the continuity of the course, it is critical that you present on the day agreed upon.