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Course Details and Logistics:
  1. Information on course syllabus, structure, and logistics [PDF]
  2. Course introduction [PDF]
This page will be updated regularly throughout the quarter

Main Lecture Notes:

  1. Introduction [pdf]
  2. Point Operations [pdf] [code]
  3. Combining Images [pdf] [code]
  4. Histograms [pdf] [code]
  5. Color Science [pdf] [code]
  6. Image Segmentation [pdf] [code]
  7. Morphological Image Processing [pdf] [code]
  8. Linear Image Processing and Filtering [pdf] [code]
  9. Template Matching [pdf] [code]
  10. Eigenimages [pdf] [code]
  11. Edge Detection [pdf] [code]
  12. Keypoint Detection [pdf] [code]
  13. Scale-Space Image Processing [pdf] [code]
  14. Feature-based Methods for Image Matching [pdf] [code]
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