Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory
EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Academic Year 2001-2002

Sep 26, 2001Larry Leifer
Professor Mechanical Engineering Design, Stanford University
Distributed Design Team Innovation
metrics and the role of collatoration technology
Oct 3, 2001John Hennessy
President, Stanford University
Former CSL Director
The Future of Systems Research
Oct 10, 2001Dan Ingalls
From Smalltalk to Squeak--A collection of early and more recent technical anecdotes on the technical side of Smalltalk implementation
Oct 17, 2001Mark Laubach
Rainmaker Technologies
Wavelet Modulation for Highly Efficient Broadband Communications
Oct 24, 2001David Awachalom
Department of Physics, UCSB
Center for Spintronics and Quantum Computation
Multifunctional Spintronics and Quantum Information Processing in Semiconductors
Oct 31, 2001Gio Wiederhold
Emeritus Professor of Computer Science
Stanford University
Exploiting Simulations to Build Real Information Systems
Nov 7, 2001Niels Provos
CITI, University of Michigan
Detecting Steganographic Content on the Internet
Nov 14, 2001Robert Kennedy
Mirrors and Smoke: A Pitch in Vane
Nov 28, 2001Robert Morris
Director, IBM Almaden Research Center
Autonomic Computing
Dec 5, 2001Andy Glew
Intel Corporation
Disclaimer: Andy will not be speaking as an Intel Representative.
Computer Architecture 2000-2025: A Retrospective
Jan 9, 2002Stephen Schneider
Stanford University,Department of Bilogical Sciences
Senior Fellow, Institute for International Studies
The Global Warming Controversy
Can we separate scientific signal from the political noise
Jan 16, 2002Larry Sanger
Wikipedia and why it matters
Jan 23, 2002Andrew Rappaport
August Capital
The Post Dot-Com Golden Age: Open and Now Serving
Jan 30, 2002Andy Rubin
Danger, Inc.
Fusing Technical and Business Architecture
Feb 6, 2002Leslie Lamport
Microsoft Research
How To Write A Proof
Feb 13, 2002William LeFebvre
CNN Internet Technologies
CNN.COM -- Facing A World Crisis
Feb 20, 2002Larry Lessig
Professor of Law, Stanford University
Free Code, Free Labor
Feb 27, 2002Richard F. Lyon
Foveon, Inc.
Photography in the Twenty-First Century
Mar 6, 2002Erik Loyer
Syncopation for Programmers
Mar 13, 2002Pamela Samuelson
Professor of Law, UC Berkeley
Implications of DMCA Anti-Circumvention Regulations for Innovation
Apr 3, 2002Warren L. Delano
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals
Crerating Open-Source Tools for Drug Discovery
How Free Software Might Save Your Life
Apr 10, 2002David Beazley
University of Chicago
Scientific Computing and Scripting Language Extension Programming
Apr 17, 2002Steven Brenner
Plant and Microbial Biology
UC Berkeley
Genome Annotation & Protein Structure
Apr 24, 2002Todd Proebsting
Microsoft Research
Distruptive Programming Language Technologies
May 1, 2002Henry Berg, Ian Blasch, Vaughn Pratt
Tiqit Computers
The Tiqit eightythree
May 8, 2002Larry Augustin
VA Software Corporation
Accelerating Software Development Through Collaboration
May 15, 2002Stanley Mazor
Numerical Technologies, Inc.
Subwavelength Geometries: Dealing with the Soaring Challenges of Lithography Masks
May 22, 2002Richard Karp
ICSI and UC Berkeley
Data Access in Peer to Peer Distributed Networks
May 29, 2002Mike Montgomery
Schlumberger-Doll Research
Evaluating Smart Card Based Security
Jun 5, 2002Steve Mann
University of Toronto
Intelligent Image Processing
Eyeglass-based computer vision systems based on the EyeTap principle