Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory
EE380 Colloquium Schedule
Academic Year 2003-2004

Sep 24, 2003John Nagle
Team Overbot
200 miles across the desert. 10 hours. No driver.
Oct 1, 2003Paul Vixie
Internet Software Consortium
dns typosquatting: method, effects, counteraction
Oct 8, 2003David Dill
Stanford University
The Voting Machine War
The Battle for Accountability in Election Systems
Oct 15, 2003Dr. Arthur Pyster
Deputy Assistant Administrator for Information Services and Deputy Chief Information Officer
Federal Aviation Administration
A New Look at Cyber Defense
Blending Insight from Computer Science, Health Science, and Operations Research
Oct 22, 2003Andy Rappaport
August Capital
Wireless Communication in a Post-Spectral World
Oct 29, 2003Guido van Rossum
Elemental Security and
  What's New in Python
Not your usual list of new features
Nov 5, 2003Joseph S. ("Joe") Anastasi
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Computer Forensics
Corporate Fraud and The Discovery of Electronic Evidence
Nov 12, 2003Marc Steigler
Hewlett Packard
The Skynet Virus
Why it is Unstoppable, Hot to Stop It
Nov 19, 2003John Manferdelli
General Manager, Windows Trusted Platform Infrastructures
Microsoft Corporation
Improving the Security Structure through Code Identity
Nov 26, 2003
Thanksgiving Break -- No Class
Dec 3, 2003Mark Miller
HP Labs
Building a Virus-Safe Computing Platform
Don\'t Add Security, Remove Insecurity
Jan 7, 2004Kevin McGrath
The AMD Opteron Microcomputer
A Compatible Bridge Between 32- and 64-bit Computing
Jan 14, 2004Norm Jouppi
HP Labs
BiReality: Mutually-Immersive Mobile Telepresence
Jan 21, 2004Richard Marks
Sony Computer Entertainment US R&D (PlayStation)
Manager, Special Projects
EyeToy: A New Interface for Interactive Entertainment
Jan 28, 2004Ron Kimmel
CS Department, Technion
3D Face Recognition
The Ultimate Biometric Lock
Feb 4, 2004Benjamin Wells
Computer Science, Mathematics, University of San Francisco
The Architecture of Colossus, The First PC
Feb 11, 2004Dave Hughes
Wireless in Really Remote Areas
Feb 18, 2004Bob Colwell
Things CPU Architects Need To Think About
Feb 25, 2004Parham Aarabi
University of Toronto
Artificial Perception Laboratory
Multi-Microphone Speech Processing, or Why Two Ears Are Better Than One
Mar 3, 2004Matthew Szulik
President and CEO
Open for Change
Mar 10, 2004Daniel Robbins
Gentoo and You
Mar 31, 2004Mark Seager
Advanced Simulation and Computing Program
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
petaFLOPS/s systems and changing the nature of Science
How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the petaFLOPS/s
Apr 7, 2004Brad Porter
The Appliance Model
Uniform approach to scalable, highly available, commodity architecture
Apr 14, 2004Gerard Holzmann
JPL (Nasa) and Cal Tech
Model-driven Software Verification
Apr 21, 2004Vern Paxson
International Computer Science Institute
Center for Internet Research
The Threat of Internet Worms
Apr 28, 2004Oskar Mencer
Imperial College and Maxeler Technologies
Flexible Number Representations for Computing with FPGAs
May 5, 2004Tamara Munzner
University of British Columbia
Scalable Visual Comparion of Biological Trees and Sequences
May 12, 2004Ari Rapkin
Industrial Light and Magic
Controlling Digital Cloth
Live presentation only. This talk will not be webcast or broadcast due to copyright restrictions.
May 19, 2004S. Barbu, M. Morf, A. E. Barbu
ST Microelectronics, Stanford University, UC Davis (Biology)
Nano-Architectures, Nano-Computing, Nano-Technologies and the DNA Structure
May 26, 2004Daniel F. Zucker
Director of Technology
Ubiquitous Web Browsing
Jun 2, 2004William J. Clancey
Chief Scientist, Human-Centered Computing
Computational Sciences Division
NASA Ames Research Center
Automating CapCom: The Mobile Agents Integrated Field Test at the Mars Desert Research Station