Stats 300B: Theory of Statistics II

John Duchi, Stanford University, Winter 2021


A single etude problem will be assigned each week, and will take the place of exams this quarter. An etude is a short composition designed as an exercise to improve your technique and allow you to demonstrate your skill. Each week on Thursday afternoon, we will assign a single etude problem, which you will turn in by 5pm (Pacific Time) on Thursday the following week. We will not accept late etudes. Because of the specific format of grading for these, there will be no exceptions to this rule. You may then correct your solution and submit a corrected problem via Gradescope.

All etudes references collection of exercises. Assignments should be submitted to Gradescope by the deadline. You must register for Gradescope with your SUNet ID as the email address.

For each of these problems, we will use the following approach:

  • You will have 24 hours to regrade your etude problem. The corrections are due at 5pm on Fridays.

  • We will give 50% credit back for all corrections you make.

  • We will remove your lowest scoring etude from your final grade calculations.

  • You must complete the etude problems alone–you are not permitted to consult others. All online resources are permitted, but please cite your sources if you use any.

  • Please do not ask questions about the etudes on Ed, Piazza, or any other online forum. We try hard to make them clear and are unlikely to answer questions about them via other avenues either.

To submit the etudes, please do the following:

  • On initial submission, simply submit to Gradescope as you usually would.

  • For the resubmission (the graded copy), either (i) mark your initial submission up directly with red ink pen (or some other color that markedly stands out from the initial submission), and upload it to Gradescope, or (ii) include a rewritten solution, explaining the new steps you took, in addition to your initial solution in the new uploaded copy (that is, the resubmission should include first your initial solutions and then the updated version).

  • Please (for our information) also include how long it took you to solve the etude.

Etude Initial Due Date Final Due Date Solutions
Exercise 1.12 Wed, Jan 20 Thu, Jan 21 Solutions
Exercise 3.6 Wed, Jan 27 Thu, Jan 28 Solutions
Exercise 7.14 Thu, Feb 4 Fri, Feb 5 Solutions
Exercise 7.9 Thu, Feb 11 Fri, Feb 12 Solutions
Exercise 9.4 Thu, Feb 18 Fri, Feb 19 Solutions
Exercise 3.8 Thu, Feb 25 Fri, Feb 26 Solutions
Exercise 5.3 Thu, Mar 4 Fri, Mar 5 Solutions
Exercise 11.5 Thu, Mar 11 Fri, Mar 12 Solutions
Exercise 4.6 Fri, Mar 18 Sat, Mar 19 Solutions