Important Dates & Conference Schedule

Important Dates

May 1, 2012
Deadline for Submission of Requests to Present and Requests to Attend

July 9, 2012
Deadline for Stanford Park Hotel Registration

August 1, 2012
Deadline for Submission of Paper Drafts and/or Presentation Slides

Conference Schedule

August 8, 2012
6:30pm - 9:00pm Informal Opening Reception, Stanford Park Hotel

Day One - August 9, 2012
8:00am - 8:45am Registration & Breakfast, Cooley Courtyard, Stanford Law School
8:45am - 9:00am Welcome
9:00am - 10:30am Opening Plenary Session
10:30am - 11:00am Break
11:00am - 12:30pm First Breakout Session
12:30pm - 2:00pm Lunch
2:00pm - 4:00pm Second Breakout Session
4:00pm - 4:30pm Break
4:30pm - 6:15pm Third Breakout Session
6:15pm Reception and Dinner, Cooley Courtyard, Stanford Law School

Day Two - August 10, 2012
8::30am - 9:00am Breakfast, Cooley Courtyard, Stanford Law School
9:00am - 10:30am Fourth Breakout Session
10:30am - 11:00am Break
11:00am - 12:30pm Fifth Breakout Session
12:30pm - 2:00pm Lunch
2:00pm - 4:00 pm Sixth Breakout Session
4:00pm - 4:30pm Break
4:30pm - 6:15pm Closing Plenary Session
6:15pm Closing Reception, Cooley Courtyard Stanford Law School

August 9, 2012
Plenary 1
Breakout Sessions 1 | 2 | 3

August 10, 2012
Breakout Sessions 4 | 5 | 6
Plenary 2


Day One - August 9, 2012

Plenary 1 - Room 290

From de novo Review to Informal Deference: An Empirical Examination of Patent Claim Construction
Jonas Anderson & Peter Menell

Measuring the Incentive Effects of Innovation Thresholds in Intellectual Property
Christopher Sprigman

Make Me Walk, Make Me Talk, Do Whatever You Please: Barbie and Exceptions
Rebecca Tushnet

Branding Privacy
Paul Ohm

Breakout Session 1 - Day One

Room 95

IP and Ethical, Cultural Implications

Room 180

Copyright, Authorship and Attribution

Room 190

IP and Protectionism

Room 280B

IP at the Intersection of Creative and Useful

Room 290

Patent Doctrines


Traditional Knowledge Rights and Wrongs

Sean Pager



Creation Norms and Authorship: The Porgy and Bess Controversy

Olufunmilayo Arewa


How Law Made Silicon Valley

Anupam Chander


Bleistein; or, Intellectual Property Law and the
Problem of Aesthetic Progress

Barton Beebe


Better Patenting

Bernard Chao


Achieving Content Accessibility in Communications and Copyright Law

Blake Ellis Reid



Valuing Attribution and Publication in Intellectual Property: An Experiment

Christopher Buccafusco


The Competitive Advantage of Weak Patents

William Hubbard


Conceptual Separability and the Copyright/Patent Boundary

Viva R. Moffat


Explaining Exhaustion: Commercial Law’s Constraints on Contract

John Duffy & Richard Hynes


Reconceptualizing the Idea of Responsibility in Copyright Law

Haochen Sun


Dialogues of Authenticity

Laura Heymann


Copyright’s Mercantilist Turn

Glynn Lunney


Reverse-Engineering Textual Meaning

Zahr K. Said


The (Relatively) Easy Case for Patents on Inventions

Oskar Liivak


Learning By Doing

Madhavi Sunder



The Public Psychology of Intellectual Property Rights

Gregory Mandel


Outsourcing Trade Secret Misappropriation

Elizabeth Rowe


In Defense of Design Patents

Sarah Burstein


Clarifying the Analogous Arts Test

Brenda Simon


Breakout Session 2 - Day One


Room 95

Trademarks & Branding

Room 180

Copyright and the First Amendment

Room 190

Patent Reform and Trade Secrets

Room 280B

Patent Damages and Valuation

Room 290

IP, Infringement Litigation and Efficiency


Debunking the “Duty to Police” in Trademark Law
Deborah Gerhardt, Eric Goldman, & Leah Chan Grinvald


Catch 22 in the Rye:
Copyright Essentialism and the Performativity of Remedies

Andrew Gilden


Protecting America’s True Innovators
W. Keith Robinson


Fixing FRAND: Rationalizing “Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory” Licensing of Standards-Essential Patents

Jorge Contreras


Law and Economics of Litigation: New Insights from Patents

Axel Haus &
Steffen Juranek


Trademark Law, Branding and the Oppressive Leveraging of the Female Gender

Ann Bartow


Are Search Results Speech?

James Grimmelmann


Be Careful What You Wish For: Trade Secrets and the America Invents Act

Sharon Sandeen


Creating a National Database for Patent Valuation

Matthew Dowd
& Brian Love


Patent Litigation in the UK: An Overview

Christian Helmers


Sex Exceptionalism in Intellectual Property

Jennifer Rothman


Cracks in the Edifice: a Copyright Critique
of the Institutional First Amendment

Jake Linford


UTSA Preemption and the Public Domain: How and Why Courts Have Overlooked Patent Preemption of State Law Claims Alleging Employee Wrongdoing

Charles Tait Graves
& Elizabeth Tippett


Collective Patent Pricing

Michael Mattioli


Patent Litigation Dynamics: Key Value Drivers And Efficiency Implications

Michael Mazzeo,
Jonathan Hillel,
& Samantha Zyontz


Trademark Apologetic Justice: China’s Three Laws on Trademark Reputation

Xuan-Thao Nguyen


Copyright, First Amendment, and the Ontology of Speech

Felix Wu


APA, AIA, and the PTO:  The Changing Guard of Patent Law
Melissa Wasserman


Basing Patent Remedies on Harm to the World Rather Than on Harm to the Patentee
Samson Vermont


Raising the Stakes in Patent Cases

Anup Malani
& Jonathan Masur


Intent, Confusion, and Trademark Infringement

Alfred Yen


Copyright as an Engine of Censorship
Peter Yu


Patent Reforms at Both Sides of the Atlantic: A Critical Analysis from a “Good Governance” Perspective

Esther van Zimmeren


Killing Two Birds with One Party: Using Neutral Third Parties
to Represent the Public Interest and to Dampen Overzealous
Advocacy in District Court Patent Litigation

Jeremy Bock


Using Fee Shifting to Promote Fair Use and Fair Licensing

Peter Menell &
Ben Depoorter


Breakout Session 3 - Day One


Room 95

Trademark Theory

Room 180

Toward a Worldwide IP System

Room 190

Copyright and Music

Room 280B

Patentable Subject Matter

Room 290

IP History


Speech, Citizenry, and the Market: A Corporate Public Figure Doctrine

Deven Desai


Measuring and Modeling Trans-Border Patent Rewards

Richard Gruner


Copyright and the Dilemma of
Defining Musical Works in the Era of Fixed Sound

Robert Brauneis


This Is Not a Law of Nature: Prometheus Laboratories and the Patentability of Representation
Kevin Emerson Collins


Patent Examination in the Venetian Republic (1414-1788)

Ted Sichelman
& Sean O’Connor


Hedonic Trademarks

Irina Manta


The Impact of Joining the Regional European Patent Convention System

Bronwyn Hall
& Christian Helmers


Copyright Complements

Jerry Liu


How Abortion Politics and Technophobia Created the Distinction Between Patently Human and Patentably Non-Human

Yaniv Heled


America’s First Patents
Michael Risch


An Impersonation Theory of Trademark Law

Lisa Ramsey



Deviant Globalization:  The Next Step in the Multilateral Protection of Intellectual Property

Doris Estelle Long


Getting it Wrong: Juror Assessments of Similarity in a Music Copyright Experiment

Jamie Lund


Patentable Subject Matter and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Eileen Herlihy


Time for a Truce: Lessons from the Lightbulb Litigation
for the Smartphone Patent War

Lea Shaver


How to Do Things with Word Marks: A Speech-Act Theory of Distinctiveness

Alexandra Roberts



Evaluating Flexibility in International Patent Law

Sarah Wasserman Rajec


Substantial Similarity and Psychological Similarity: Perfect Strangers

David Morrison


Exclusivity Without Patents: The New Frontier of FDA Regulation for Genetic Materials

Gregory Dolin


The Missing Context of the IP Clause: Madison, Jefferson, and the Influence of the French Philosophes Encyclopédie Project

Sean O’Connor


Breakout Session 4 - Day Two


Room 95

Alternatives to IP

Room 180

IP and Cross-Border Infringement

Room 190

Copyright Doctrine

Room 280B

IP’s Impact on Firms, Universities

Room 290

Patent Claim Construction


Commercializing Public Sector Information

Miriam Bitton



Building the Global Green Patent Highway: A Proposal for International Harmonization of Green Technology Fast Track Programs

Eric Lane


Eldred, Golan and the Soul of Copyright

Howard Abrams


Teams, Creativity, and the Firm

Anthony Casey
& Andres Sawicki


Software Patents and the Return of Functional Claiming

Mark Lemley


Governing Innovation Prizes

Michael Burstein
& Fiona Murray



Intellectual Property Without Borders

Cynthia Ho


Imagining the Contours of Copyright Protection for Synthetic Biology

Christopher Holman


Community based IP

Mary-Anne Williams


Cardozo on Patent Claim Construction and Interpretation

David Levine


The Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network as a Nested Cultural Commons

Brett Frischmann & Katherine Strandburg


Trade’s Horizon and the Evolution of
“Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights”

Patricia Judd


Divisibility, Ownership, and the Exclusive CopyrightLicense

Christopher Newman


Sources of University Research Funding and Their Impact On Commercialization Outcomes

Jay Kesan & Hsiao-shan Yang


Patent Claim Construction in the United States
as a Form of Legal Interpretation

Christian Mammen


Governmental Innovation Mechanism Choices (with reference to Climate Change)

Joshua Sarnoff


Imperatives of Private Arbitration in International Intellectual Property Disputes

Mary Wong & Jacqueline Lipton


Acupressure: The Role of Market Forces in China's Emerging Copyright Enforcement Environment

Eric Priest


Patents and the University

Peter Lee


Rhetorical Devices in Claim Construction

Kristen Osenga


Breakout Session 5 - Day Two


Room 95

Industries Without IP

Room 180

Copyright Theory

Room 190

Real Property and Intellectual Property

Room 280B

Patents, the Federal Circuit and SCOTUS

Room 290

Patents, Disclosure and Notice


Copying Norms in the Tattoo Industry

Aaron Perzanowski


The Uneasy Case Against Copyright Trolls

Shyamkrishna Balganesh


Play First versus Pay First: Exploring Cumulative Innovation in Patent & Copyright Law

Stefan Bechtold,
Christopher Buccafusco,
& Christopher Sprigman


The Federal Circuit as a Federal Court

Paul R. Gugliuzza


The Information Value of Patent Claims

Tun-Jen Chiang


What Drives IP without IP? A Study of the Online Adult Entertainment Industry

Kate Darling


Creativity Constrained: Comics and the Law

Marc Greenberg


A Taxonomy of "Improvement Doctrines" in Property and IP

Deepa Varadarajan


The Federal Circuit: Standing in the Breach

David O. Taylor


The Patent Applicant’s Duty of Disclosure: A Comparative Analysis

Lisa Dolak


The Space Between:  An Openwork Approach to IP Protection

Amy Landers


Copyright, Neuroscience, and Creativity

Erez Reuveni


Virtual Property and Copyright: Taking the First Sale Doctrine into the Virtual Realm

Scott Boone


From Federal Common Law to Textualism: The Evolving Interpretation of Patent Cases in the Supreme Court

David S. Olson


“Overbreadth” As Oversimplification

Emily Michiko Morris


Fear and Loathing and Intellectual Property

Betsy Rosenblatt



Individuality or Multiplicity of “the Work”: Tracing an Evolving (and Perennial) Concern of Copyright Law and Policy
Eva Subotnik


Property’s Intellect

Molly Van Houweling


The Supreme Court’s Intellectual Property Caseload: A Historical Study

Ryan Vacca


Scaling the Patent System

Christina Mulligan
& Timothy Lee


Breakout Session 6 - Day Two


Room 95

Cyberlaw and IP

Room 180

Trademark, Intersection with Copyright, Social Media

Room 190

Copyright, Orphan Works and Fair Use

Room 280B

Patents, Empirical Studies

Room 290

Patents and NPEs


Graduated Response American Style:
‘Six Strikes’ Measured Against Five Norms

Annemarie Bridy


Dastar’s Next Stand

Mark McKenna


The Orphans, the Market, and the Copyright Dogma

Ariel Katz


Patent Prosecutors, Innovation, and Ethics
in Everyday Legal Practice

William Gallagher


The Past, Present, and Future of the Software Patent Problem

Colleen Chien


Internet Curation in Copyright’s Shadow:
Pinterest, Storify, and a Proposal for “Copyright Exempt” 501(c)(3) Entities

Edward Lee


Selling Information

Jeremy N. Sheff


Orphan Works as Grist for the Data Mill

Matthew Sag


Reconceiving the Patent Rocket Docket:
An Empirical Study of Infringement Litigation 1985–2010

Saurabh Vishnubhakat


The Giants Among Us

Tom Ewing
& Robin Feldman


Generation C:  Childhood, Code and Creativity

Andrea Matwyshyn


Sanctioning Intellectual Property Bullies?

Leah Chan Grinvald


How Fair Use Can Help Solve the Orphan Works Problem

Jennifer Urban


The Presumption of Validity in Patent Litigation:
An Experimental Study

David Schwartz & Christopher Seaman


Markets and Patent Enforcement: A Comparative Investigation of
Non-Practicing Entities in the US and EU

Stefania Fusco


The Right to Data Portability: Is This New Privacy Right Contrary to Antitrust Law?

Peter Swire


Who Owns the Social Media Account?

Zoe Argento


Nominative Fair Use Still Doesn't Make Sense

Greg Lastowka


An Empirical Study of Patent Prosecution Success
after the Filing of a Notice of Appeal

Andrew Torrance


From PI to IP: Yet Another Unexpected Effect of Tort Reform
Ronen Avraham
& John Golden


Intellectual Property Infringement by Artificial Intelligence Applications

Eran Kahana


Online Beauty & Online Licenses

Tal Niv



Fair Use, Transaction Costs, and Computable Contracts

Harry Surden


Patent Examination and Litigation Outcomes

Sean Tu


Expanding the Customer Suit Exception in Patent Law

James Yoon

Closing Plenary Session - Room 290

The State(s) of Copyright Law
Jeanne Fromer

Why Gardens, Perfumes, Recipes, DNA, and Mathematical Formulas Are Not Copyright Subject Matter
Pamela Samuelson

Setting Patent Fees
Stuart Graham & Galen Hancock

Does Agency Funding Affect Decisionmaking? An Empirical Assessment of the PTO's Granting Patterns
Michael Frakes & Melissa Wasserman

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