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Friday, May 4

Jon Barwise Room, CSLI

8:30-9:00Registration and refreshments, Welcome
Session 1 – Chair: Bonnie Krejci
9:00-9:30Jacek Witkoś (Adam Mickiewicz University), Paulina Łęska (Adam Mickiewicz University), Dominika Dziubała-Szrejbrowska (Adam Mickiewicz University), Aleksandra Gogłoza (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) and Roland Meyer (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)Datives and Accusatives as binders in a grammar of subject-oriented reflexives
9:30-10:00Mikhail Knyazev (Saint Petersburg State University)Frequency of the V-N collocation as an explanatory factor in the selection for čto-clause complements of nouns in Russian: an experimental study
10:00-10:30Christina Dschaak (Universität Leipzig)A Structure Removal Approach to Restructuring in Russian
10:30-11:00Aleksandra Gogłoza (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Paulina Łęska (Adam Mickiewicz University) and Jacek Witkoś (Adam Mickiewicz University)Settling the unsettled - in search for the base-generated position of the Polish Experiencer Dative
Session 2 – Chair: Arto Anttila
11:15-12:30Invited talk: Maria Gouskova (NYU)Where do phonological words come from?
12:30-2:00Lunch (on your own)
Session 3 – Chair: Simon Todd
2:00-2:30Roslyn Burns (UCLA)Phonetic Gradience in Vowel Chain Shift Blocking
2:30-3:00Hakyung Jung (Seoul National University)Different Heights of NegP in Old Slavic
3:00-3:30Daniela Culinovic (UCLA)Syntax coming first in second position cliticization
Session 4 – Chair: Boris Harizanov
3:45-4:15Andrei Antonenko (Stony Brook University)Predicate Doubling in Russian: One Process or Two?
4:15-4:45Colin Davis and Tatiana Bondarenko (MIT)Parasitic gaps and covert pied-piping in Russian LBE
4:45-5:15Petr Biskup (Universität Leipzig) and Radek Šimík (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)Extraction from Clausal Adjuncts in Czech
5:15-6:15FASL Business meeting

Saturday, May 5

Levinthal Hall, Stanford Humanities Center

8:30-9:00Registration and refreshments, Welcome
Session 1 – Chair: Vera Gribanova
9:00-9:30Rafael Abramovitz (MIT)Verb-Stranding Verb Phrase Ellipsis in Russian: Evidence from Unpronounced Subjects
9:30-10:00Barbara Citko (University of Washington) and Martina Gračanin-Yuksek (Middle East Technical University)Coordination of wh-phrases in sluicing constructions
10:00-10:30Agnieszka Patejuk (Polish Academy of Sciences)What is the best way to represent Polish comparisons with jak?
10:30-11:00Željko Bošković (University of Connecticut)On the Coordinate Structure Constraint and Across-the-Board Movement
Session 2 – Chair: Vera Gribanova
11:15-12:30Invited talk: Ivona Kučerová (McMaster University)Toward Distributed Semantics: Evidence from associative constructions
12:30-2:00Lunch (on your own) OR LSA-sponsored mentoring event in the SHC's Watt Room
Session 3 – Chair: Sabrina Grimberg
2:00-2:30Asya PereltsvaigWord Order and the Structure of Eventive Nominalizations in Russian
2:30-3:00Catherine Rudin (Wayne State College)On DP structure in Balkan Slavic: evidence from multiple determination
3:00-3:30Zorica Puškar (Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS), Berlin)Deriving and constraining mixed predicate agreement
Session 4 – Chair: Prerna Nadathur
3:45-4:15Marcin Wągiel (Masaryk University)Gender as a mode of quantification: Evidence from Polish numerals
4:15-4:45Maša Močnik (MIT)Where Force Matters: Embedding Epistemic Modals and Attitudes
4:45-5:15Julie Goncharov (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)Intentionality effect in imperatives
6:00-9:00Party @ CSLI

Sunday, May 6

Levinthal Hall, Stanford Humanities Center

8:30-9:00Light breakfast
Session 1 – Chair: Ciyang Qing
9:00-9:30Ksenia Zanon (Bucknell University)Focus association with only in Russian and BCS
9:30-10:00Miloje Despić and Mia Wiegand (Cornell University)Linking agreement and anticausality: Semantic effects of agreement on exclusives in Serbian
10:00-10:30Łukasz Jędrzejowski (University of Cologne)Chyba a discourse particle and its licensing conditions in Polish adverbial clauses
10:30-11:00Mojmir Dočekal (Masaryk University), Hana Filip (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf), and Marcin Wągiel (Masaryk University)Exceed comparison and A/B numeral modifiers in Czech
Session 2 – Chair: Boris Harizanov
11:15-12:30Invited talk: Roumyana Pancheva (USC)Numerals and number marking
Alternate TalkLaura Kallmeyer and Yulia Zinova (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)Russian za-headed time adverbials: A frame-based account of scopal behaviour