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Downloadable handouts, slides, and other materials

Friday, May 15

8:30-9:00Registration and refreshments
Session 1 – Chair: Lauri Karttunen (Stanford)
9:10-9:50Daniel Altshuler (Düsseldorf), Valentine Hacquard (Maryland), Thomas Roberts (Maryland) and Aaron Steven White (Maryland)On double access, cessation and parentheticality
9:50-10:30Fabienne Martin (Stuttgart/Paris 8)Explaining the link between agentivity and non-culminating causation
10:30-11:10Rebekah Baglini (U. Chicago)Property concepts and non-mereological semantics in Wolof
Session 2 – Chair: Dag Westerståhl (Gothenburg)
11:40-12:20Simon Charlow (Rutgers)The scope of alternatives
12:20-1:00Philippe de Groote (Inria) Modularity and compositionality: the case of temporal modifiers
1:00-2:20Lunch (on your own)
Session 3 – Chair: Dan Lassiter (Stanford)
2:20-3:00Christopher Davis (U. of Ryukyus)Plurality and distributivity in Yaeyaman Wh-questions
3:00-4:00Poster lightning talks
4:00-5:00Poster sessionshow details
 Moshe E. Bar-Lev (Hebrew U)De re tenses and Trace Conversion
 Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin (CNRS-LLF, Paris 7)Two types of most
 Patrick Elliott (UCL), Eric McCready (Aoyama Gakuin) and Yasutada Sudo (UCL)Discourse even vs. attitude even
 Peter Jenks (UC Berkeley)Two kinds of definites in numeral classifier languages
 Claudia Maienborn (U. Tübingen) and Johanna Herdtfelder (U. Tübingen)On the interplay of compositionality and coercion: The case of German causal von-PPs
 Luisa Marti (Queen Mary)The morpho-semantics of Spanish indefinites and the theory of number
 Clemens Mayr (ZAS)Plural definite NPs presuppose multiplicity via embedded exhaustification
 Yaron McNabb (Utrecht)Differences and similarities between scalar inferences and scalar modifiers
 Todd Snider (Cornell) and Adam Bjorndahl (Carnegie Mellon)Informative counterfactuals
 Frank Sode (Göttingen)A new perspective on German logophoric subjunctive
 Guillaume Thomas (PUC-RJ)Rising scale segments: additivity, comparison and continuation
 Barbara Tomaszewicz (Tilburg)Relative readings of superlatives: scope or focus?
Session 4 – Chair: Cleo Condoravdi (Stanford)
5:15-6:15Invited talk: Ashwini Deo (Yale)Scale structure and genericity (joint work with Mokshay Madiman)

Saturday, May 16

8:45-9:00Light breakfast
Session 1 – Chair: Beth Levin (Stanford)
9:00-10:00Invited talk: Elsi Kaiser (USC)Perspective-shifting and anaphora: Experimental investigations
10:00-10:40Lyn Tieu (ENS), Kazuko Yatsushiro (ZAS), Alexandre Cremers (ENS), Jacopo Romoli (Ulster), Uli Sauerland (ZAS Berlin) and Emmanuel Chemla (ENS)On the acquisition of simple and complex disjunctions in French and Japanese
Session 2 – Chair: Judith Degen (Stanford)
11:00-11:40Michael Franke (U. Tübingen) and Anthea Schoeller (U. Tübingen)Semantic values as latent pragmatic parameters: surprising few and many
11:40-12:20Sonja Tiemann (U. Tübingen)Presuppositions in the scope of quantifying expressions: Eye tracking data
12:20-1:30Lunch (provided)
Session 3 – Chair: Itamar Francez (U. Chicago)
1:30-2:10Dominique Blok (Utrecht)The semantics and pragmatics of directional numeral modifiers
2:10-2:50Stavroula Alexandropoulou (Utrecht), Jakub Dotlacil (Groningen), Yaron McNabb (Utrecht) and Rick Nouwen (Utrecht)Pragmatic inferences with numeral modifiers: novel experimental data
Session 4 – Chair: Sven Lauer (Konstanz)
3:15-4:15Poster lightning talks
4:15-5:15Poster sessionshow details
 Dorothy Ahn (Harvard) and Uli Sauerland (ZAS)The grammar of relative measurement
 Daniel Altshuler (Düsseldorf) and Károly Varasdi (Düsseldorf)Discourse relations with temporal import: A proof of definitional adequacy
 Helena Aparicio (U. Chicago), Ming Xiang (U. Chicago) and Chris Kennedy (U. Chicago)Online processing of relative vs. absolute adjectives: a visual world study
 Nicholas Asher (CNRS/Toulouse) and Antoine Venant (Toulouse)OK or not OK? Commitments in acknowledgements and corrections
 Bridget Copley (CNRS/Paris 8), Phillip Wolff (Emory) and Jason Shepard (Emory)Structural causal pluralism and underspecification in the expression of causation
 Joseph Deveaugh-Geiss (Potsdam), -Christina Boell (Göttingen), Malte Zimmermann (Potsdam) and Edgar Onea Gáspár (Göttingen)Contradicting (not-)at-issueness in exclusives and clefts: an empirical study
 Edit Doron (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Aynat Rubinstein (Hebrew U)Transparent unconditionality
 Natalia Korotkova (UCLA)Evidentials and attitudes
 Manfred Krifka (ZAS, Humboldt)Bias in commitment space semantics: declarative questions, negated questions, and question tags
 Maribel Romero (Konstanz)Surprise-predicates, strong exhaustivity and whether-questions
 Andreas Walker (Konstanz) and Maribel Romero (Konstanz)Counterfactual donkeys: A strict conditional analysis
Session 5 – Chair: Thomas Icard (Stanford)
5:30-6:30Invited talk: Adrian Brasoveanu (UCSC)Incremental and predictive interpretation: Experimental evidence and possible accounts (joint work with Jakub Dotlačil)
6:30-7:00Business meeting (Huang Amphitheater)
7:00-10:00Dinner and party

Sunday, May 17

9:15-9:30Light breakfast
Session 1 – Chair: Ivano Caponigro (UCSD)
9:30-10:10Elena Herburger (Georgetown)Conditional perfection: The truth and the whole truth
10:10-10:50Marie-Christine Meyer (Hebrew U)Redundancy and embedded exhaustification
Session 2 – Chair: Greg Scontras (Stanford)
11:10-11:50Luka Crnic (Hebrew U)Ellipsis, parallelism, and polarity
11:50-12:30Andrew Kehler (UCSD)On QUD-based licensing of strict and sloppy ambiguities
12:30-1:30Lunch (provided)
Session 3 – Chair: Christopher Potts (Stanford)
1:30-2:10Scott Grimm (Rochester) and Louise McNally (Pompeu Fabra)The -ing dynasty: rebuilding the semantics of nominalizations
2:10-3:10Invited talk: Daniel Büring (Vienna)Unalternative semantics

Talk alternate (drawn from the poster sessions)