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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that is most famous for its dazzling array of fluid and powerful kicks, complemented by other techniques like punches and blocks. Admitted into the Olympics as a full medal sport in the year 2000, Taekwondo displays to the world the beauty of its attacks as well as the importance of its footwork. Taekwondo athletes gain flexibility through routine static and dynamic stretching, mental fitness through meditation and poomsae (forms), strength through the various drills, endurance and cardiovascular health through vigorous workouts. Of course, athletes also have many chances to form new friendships through various social activities. It is truly an excellent martial art and sport for people of all ages and types.

The Stanford Taekwondo Club is a club sport at Stanford. We maintain a competitive team and we encourage members to compete in tournaments. We also encourage people to join Stanford Taekwondo even if they have no interest in competition. We train under the direction of 5th Dan Tim Ghormley. Various documents providing further information on Taekwondo and our club (such as our rules of conduct and Korean terminology used in class) are available on the Links Page

Workout Attire

All attendees must wear proper Taekwondo uniforms (that do not have the logos of other martial arts studios or programs) to class. New members may wear comfortable workout clothing (i.e. t-shirt and warmup pants, nothing that would restrict bodily movement) to class prior to receiving their uniforms. No shoes are allowed during training in the ACSR Studio.

Quarterly Membership Fee

The class requires a fee of $80 per quarter for access to all classes, equipment, (including paddles and sparring pads), and instruction. This fee covers a modest honorarium to our instructors, the use of facilities, as well as other program activities and costs throughout the year. This registration fee is not refundable.  

Testing Fees

Quarterly belt promotional tests have a $25 fee for color belts to cover administrative and equipment costs, and to subsidize our traditional post-test celebratory dinner. All testers as well as those who help out during the test are invited to the post-test banquet. 

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