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Please look at the People page to contact a specific officer. 

Emails Lists

There are several mailing lists relating to Stanford Taekwondo. It is important to make sure you are subscribed to all the appropriate mailing lists as these are the primary vehicle for club announcements.

  • - General club information with news, tournament/event info, and schedules. To subscribe click here and fill out the form.
  • - Internal club information with news, event updates, and tournament information. To subscribe click here and fill out the form (This list is moderated and thus only current active TKD members are allowed on this list. When filling out this form, please also write down your full name.)
  • - For both black and red belt members of the club, announcing important opportunities and responsibilities for senior members. All red and black belts in the club should be subscribed to this list. To subscribe click here and fill out the form.
  • - Informal club announcements to arrange practice buddies, get-togethers, and anything else TKD-related. To subscribe click here.
  • - For team members only. To subscribe, talk to Coach.
  • - Beginners are required to subscribe to this list. All announcements pertaining to Beginner's Class and important events are communicated through this list. To subscribe click here.
  • Also visit and join our Facebook Page.

Postal Mail

Stanford University Taekwondo Program
Department of Athletics
Stanford University
641 Campus Dr.
Stanford, CA 94305-6201

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