Future of Mobility

Mobility is changing. Automobiles are turning into robots. Our mobile media devices are doors and windows on globally connected worlds of information and experience.

Combining Design Thinking and Strategic Foresight [Link], we aim to understand what all this might mean, and in ways that are design actionable.

This is part of our affiliation with Stanford Center for Design Research – [Link]


Revs Program at Stanford[Link] – a five year program 2010 – 2015 to connect the past, present, and future of the automobile.

Mobile media 2015 – a project that ran in 2005 in partnership with RTNA (Research and Technology North America), the design research unit of Daimler Chrysler, connecting mobile media and automobiles in three scenarios of the year 2015. Our research was the basis for Chrysler’s concept car of 2009. [Link]

Links and partners

Stanford Center for Design Research – [Link]
Center for Automotive Research at Stanford CARS – [Link]
JANUS Initiative – [Link] – combining hindsight and foresight in next-generation design thinking.

Stanford mediaX – [Link]

Masato Inoue (designer Nissan) telling a story about his car taking him for a walk in the forest.