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Approaching Second cover

Approaching Second

Second Position Clitcis and Related Phenomena

edited by Aaron L. Halpern and Arnold M. Zwicky

The contributors to this collection concentrate on second position clitics and other distribuitonal categories of clitics which arguably behave in a related fashion. Each paper deals in some depth with clitics from a particular language or group of languages, including Sanscrit, Hittite, Ancient Greek, Medieval Romance, European Portuguese, Slavic, Old English, Dutch, Athabaskan, and Ngumpin (Australian)languages. The descriptions of the distribution go beyond the simple observation that the clitics appear second in a clause or phrase and give a detailed account of the exact distribution, as well as ordering among clusters of clitics.

Several different theoretical perspectivesare presents; these different views attention on a variety of issues, both prosodic and syntactic, which a proper theory of the behavior of clitics (second position or otherwise) will have to account for. The accounts of clitic behavior likewise reflect back on issues such as the autonomy of syntax, the interaction of prosody and syntax, the notion of a last resort mechanism, and optimality.

Aaron L. Halpern is a research associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Arnold M. Zwicky is University Porfessor of Linguistics (Emeritus), Ohio State University, and a visiting professor at Stanford University.


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • 1 Clitic Placement in European Portuguese and the Position of Subjects Pilar Barbosa
  • 2 Phonology and Syntax in the Interpretation of the Tobler-Mussafia Law Josep M. Fontana
  • 3 Wackernagel's Law and Unaccusativity in Hittite Andrew Garrett
  • 4 Object Clitics in West Flemmish Liliane Haegeman
  • 5 Deriving Wackernagel's Law: Prosodic and Syntactic Factors Determining Clitic Placement in the Language of the Rigveda Mark Hale
  • 6 Who's on First? Toward a Prosodic Account of P2 Clitics Hans Henrich Hock
  • 7 Definiteness and Second Position in Straites Salish Eloise Jeninek
  • 8 The Functions of Split-Wackernagel Clitic Systems: Pronominal Clitics in the Ngumpin Languages (Pama-Nyungan family, Northern Australia) Patrick McConvell
  • 9 Second Position to Clitic Pronouns in Old Spanish and Categorial Grammar Chiyo Nishida
  • 10 Cliticization in Old English Susan Pintzuk
  • 11 Clitics in Serbian/Croation: Comp as the Second Position Ljiljana Progovac
  • 12 The Placement of Serbo-Croation Clitics: A Prosodic Approach Vesna Radanović-Kocić
  • 13 Now That We're All Here, Where Do We Sit? Phonological Ordering in the Vedic Clause-Initial String Steven Schäufele
  • 14 A Prosodic Account of Clitic Position in Ancient Greek Ann Taylor
  • 15 A Note on Clitics and Prosody Jindřich Toman
  • 16 The Balkan Slavic Nomincal Clitics Olga Mišeka Tomić
  • 17 Second Position Clitics in Medieval Romance Dieter Wanner
  • 18 Clitics, Scrambling, and Head Movement in Dutch C. Jan-Wouter Zwart
  • Language Index
  • Name Index
  • Subject Index


ISBN (Paperback): 1575860147 (9781575860145)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575860155 (9781575860152)
ISBN (Eletronic): 1575868873 (9781575868875)
Subject: Linguistics; Grammar--Clitics; Prosodic Analysis

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