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Richard Wiard



B.Sc Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley
M.Sc.E BioMechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Doctoral Candidate, Bioengineering, Stanford University


Intuity Medical Inc., Sunnyvale, CA Senior Engineer, Developing next-generation glucose monitoring platform.

Johnson&Johnson - LifeScan Inc., Milpitas, CA

Senior Process Development Engineer: Lead Development Engineer for the process to manufacture a disposable electrochemical biosensor

Supplier Development Engineer: Electronics

Meter Engineer, R&D: Member of the hardware design team participating in the conceptualization, design and launch of the SureStep Flexx hospital and OneTouch BASIC consumer blood glucose monitoring systems

JC Precision Manufacturing, Union City, CA Mechanical Engineer (contractor)

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD - NSF Engineering Research Center for Computer-Integrated Surgical Systems Designed and prototyped a novel surgical robotic device for prostrate, spine, kidney, and liver - for 3-D image-guided procedures.

Cal West Steel Detailing, Pleasanton, CA Structural Steel Designer: Worked in a team of structural engineers, designers, and architects designing layouts, field-welded connections, and detail drawings of structural steel column supports and beam connections for large commercial buildings. Projects include: PeopleSoft campus (Pleasanton, CA), Autobaun Motors (Belmont, CA), Elihu Harris State Office Building (downtown Oakland), Department of Energy Lab, Silver Legacy Casino (Reno), 2 high schools.


Biosensors, Medical Devices, and Surgical Robotics. Current research is in devices for cardiovascular hemodynamic monitoring.


O. T. Inan,M. Etemadi, R. M. Wiard, L. Giovangrandi, and G. T. A. Kovacs, "Robust ballistocardiogram acquisition for home monitoring," IOP Journal of Physiological Measurement, In Press.

Inan, O. T., M. Etemadi, R. M. Wiard, L. Giovangrandi, and G. T. A. Kovacs, "Non-Invasive Monitoring of Valsalva-Induced Hemodynamic Changes Using a Bathroom Scale Ballistocardiograph,"Accepted for 30th Annual IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference, Vancouver, B.C., 2008.

Inan, O. T., M. Etemadi, R. M. Wiard, L. Giovangrandi, and G. T. A. Kovacs, "Evaluating the Foot Electromyogram Signal as a Noise Reference for Bathroom-Scale Ballistocardiogram Recording," 21st Annual IEEE International Symposium on Computer Based Medical Systems, Jyväskylä, Finland, 2008.

Iordachita I., Wiard R., Fichtinger G., Stoianovici D., "Controllable Motorized Device for Accurate Percutaneous Needle Placement in Soft Tissue Target." 11th World Congress in Mechanisms and Machine Science, Tianjin, China, 2003.


Intuity Medical Inc.


LifeScan Inc.




Stanford University

Department of Bioengineering

Center for Integrated Systems - CIS 218X

Stanford, CA 94305-4075Office

Phone: 650-723-5646

Email: RWiard "at" Stanford "dot" edu