The following are open-source software projects developed by our group. Many of them are hosted at We welcome feedback and bug reports, but the software is supplied “as is” and all use is at your own risk.

NN_dataflow: a tool for exploration of energy-efficient dataflow schedules for neural networks. 

ReFlex: a software system that provides remote access to NVMe Flash with performance nearly identical to local NVM Flash devices.

IX : a dataplane operating system for low latency and high performance.

iBench: a microbenchmark suite for quantifying interference on shared resources. 

BVT: a borrowed virtual time (BVT) scheduler for Linux, implemented as an extension to CFS.

Mutilate: a high-performance memcached load generator.

Dune: a system that provides direct but safe access to privileged hardware features, while preserving the existing OS interfaces for processes.

Phoenix: a shared-memory MapReduce framework.

STAMP: a benchmark suite for transactional memory research.

EigenBench: a synthetic benchmark for transactional memory.

OpenTM: an extension of OpenMP for memory transactions. 

JouleSort: a system-level benchmark for energy efficiency, now part of the official Sort Benchmark.