Lagunita Theme



Major topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:


Novel “smart” sensors, sensors for extreme environments, MEMS/NEMS sensors, fiber optics, piezoelectric, magneto-electric sensors, CNT sensors, etc.

Sensor Networks/System Integration

Bio-inspired sensor networks, remote & wireless communication, self-diagnostic networks, self-configurable & fault-tolerance networks, advanced manufacturing techniques, hardware-software integration, reliability of sensors and sensor network systems, etc.

Multifunctional Materials and Structures

Multifunctional materials, self-sensing materials, novel energy storage systems, energy harvesting, self-diagnostic structures, novel composite materials, etc.

Diagnostics/Signal Processing/State Awareness

Advanced signal processing, statistical signal processing, data mining/fusion, real-time diagnostics, machine learning, system identification, environmental compensation, neural networks, inverse methods, big data, etc.

Prognostics/Health Management/Safety Assurance

Remaining life estimation, quality control, life-cycle monitoring, integrated structural health management, system-wide safety assurance, condition assessment, etc.

Digital Twin/Simulations/SHM-based Design

Data-driven simulations and diagnostics, digital twins, integration of data-driven and physics-based methods, multi-physics multi-scale modeling approaches, manufacturing with sensor data, multiobjective design optimization, SHM-based design, etc.


Quantification techniques, probability of detection (POD), reliability methods, validation/certification processes, etc.

Applications/Internet of Things(IOT)

Asset Health Management: Critical infrastructure, manufacturing plants, oil/gas infrastructure, life-cycle health management of OEM products, etc.

Civil infrastructure: Bridges, highway systems, buildings, power plants, underground structures, etc.

Transportation Systems: Aircraft and space vehicles, rotorcraft, satellites, space, stations trains, ships, submarines, automobiles, etc.

Autonomous Systems: Drones, UAVs, self-driving cars, robotics, energy management systems, etc.

Medical Devices: Wearable devices, implants with sensing capabilities, health monitoring devices, etc.

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