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Acellent Technologies Inc. provides state-of-the-art Structural Health Monitoring systems including SMART Layers, diagnostic hardware and software platforms. The systems can be used for active and/or passive monitoring of composite and metal structure on-board or off-board a platform. Acellent’s products are used in several different markets including aircraft, spacecraft, automobiles and pipelines.
PHASE IV Engineering
Phase IV Engineering is celebrating its 25th year as leaders in wireless sensing for challenging applications.  Phase IV invented battery-free wireless RFID sensing and has recently enhanced the technology and applied it to embedded battery-free wireless strain sensing for structural health monitoring.  These sensors provide high-accuracy strain sensing with a wireless interface, no sensor battery - all while being embedded in materials such as concrete.  In addition to battery-free RFID sensors, Phase IV also provides some of the most advanced battery-powered long-range wireless sensors and wireless data loggers for challenging applications such as embedded sensors for structural health monitoring.  While Phase IV specializes on custom-engineered advanced wireless sensors for specific applications, we also offer an extensive line of off-the-shelf wireless sensors. Click here to access PHASE IV Engineering Website.
Click here to access Technobis Website.
Optilab is a developer of innovative, high performance fiber optic products and photonic equipment. Optilab offers customized solutions for RFoF, testing and measurement, and fiber sensing applications. The newest Sedona platform is battery operated and completely portable with a 7” LCD touch screen and Wi-Fi capabilities. Optilab is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with its facilities occupy 15,000 sq. ft., a multimillion-dollar building. Research and development, assembly, qualifications, sales, marketing, and technical support are conducted at this location to support worldwide customers. Optilab also owns and manages, an e-Commerce website. Click here to access Optilab Website. Click here to access the other website.
Micron Optics
Micron Optics, Inc. is a global leader of fiber optic sensing systems used in diverse SHM applications in the oil & gas, aerospace, civil, maritime, energy, transportation and biomedical industries.  We offer a broad portfolio of sensor, instrumentation and data acquisition products. Click here to access Micron Optics Website.
Smart Fibres
Smart Fibres is a leading company in the field of fiber optic sensing technologies. Since its foundation, Smart Fibres has been at the forefront of innovation in FBG sensors and interrogators. Our multi-parameter sensing systems are used globally for multiple applications in aerospace, oil & gas, wind energy, civil engineering or photonics research amongst many others. Smart Fibres products are widely recognised for their excellent quality, reliability and for delivering high performance in a cost-effective way. Click here to access smart fibres Website.
For over forty years, Kinemetrics has been creating products for monitoring earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and nuclear non-proliferation while helping society understand these events on a global, regional and local scale. The company has been creating products for monitoring civil structures, bridges, dams, and nuclear power plants as this monitoring provides important information about the structures' responses to natural or man-induced seismicity. We are committed to delivering innovative, standard setting technologies, products and solutions - on time, on-line, every time. Click here to access Kinemetrics Website.
Civionics was established in 2009 to provide wireless sensing and embedded control solutions to the structural health monitoring community and beyond. Civionics’ current Percēv wireless sensing products provide our customers with the ability to make intelligent decisions in real-time by collecting and processing sensor data using scalable tools located both within our hardware and in the cloud. We strive to use our experience building intelligent wireless systems for industrial, civil, naval, aerospace, and wind energy applications to create a safer and more efficient world. Click here to access Civionics Website.
Structures And Composites Laboratory
Structures And Composites Laboratory (SACL) is in the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics at Stanford University. The main focus of the group is to build intelligent and light-weight structures, with emphasis on structural health monitoring. Click here to access SACL Website.
Metis Design Corporation
Metis Design Corporation (MDC) is a technical consulting firm specializing in Structural Health Monitoring, Multifunctional Material and Lightweight Power Generation. For a decade and a half, Metis has been at the forefront of SHM technology development, inventing novel sensors, hardware and algorithms for reliable damage detection. MDC will be showcasing our work in both distributed guided wave based impact and damage detection as well as our wireless carbon nanotube (CNT) based systems. Click here to access Metis Design Website.
The Laboratory for Verification & Validation (LVV)
The Laboratory for Verification & Validation (LVV), part funded by the EPSRC and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is a unique dynamics testing facility enabling research into V&V of models across test scales and in all environments. Opening in December 2017, it will be larger and more versatile than any facility of its kind currently available for open academic and industrial use. Led by the Dynamics Research Group (DRG) at Sheffield University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, the laboratory will offer significant benefits across a range of industrial sectors including energy, aerospace, automotive, renewables and medical engineering.
The centrepiece of the facility is a series of three large environmental chambers designed for dynamic testing under realistic environmental conditions. They offer the ability to control temperature and humidity and to simulate both wind and rainfall. An integrated shake table and reconfigurable electro-dynamic shakers enables dynamic testing across a broad frequency range within the chambers.  A separate wave tank facility enables generation of deep water wave conditions. A strong wall and floor will be available for the testing of large size components and structures. Click here to access LVV Website.
Etherdyne Technologies Inc.,(ETI)
Etherdyne Technologies Inc.,  (ETI) provides and creates wireless-power-enabled environments (WPEs)  to enhance functionalities of the sensors and their communication distance. ETI's state of the art technology, (the 'Loop') can deliver power across long distances, multiple devices, simultaneously. The Loop system is highly adaptable and suitable for various environments: commercial building, residential, and large open spaces.
Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems Corporation (IFOS)
Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems Corporation (IFOS) develops innovative photonic sensing solutions for monitoring and control of crucial assets deployed from the subsurface to space and beyond. IFOS is the provider of choice for photonic sensing solutions in the aerospace, energy, and medical markets, and a trusted partner to government agencies in applied research at the photonics frontier. Click here to access IFOS Website.
Embedor Technologies
Embedor Technologies is developing a smart sensor platform and a software framework capable of sensing at multiple scales to facilitate reliable, real-time structural condition assessment of civil infrastructure for extreme events (earthquakes, hurricanes) and long-term deterioration (corrosion, stress fractures). Click here to access Embedor Technologies Website.
Optics11 is a young company that has developed revolutionary optical fiber measurement systems for acoustic monitoring and acceleration sensing. The unique combination of fiber interferometry and micro-mechanical transducers  provides exceptional characteristics: ZonaSens technology offers acoustic monitoring up to 1 MHz with high sensitivity, while DeltaSens offers miniature all-optical acceleration sensors with nano-g performance. Click here to access Optics11 Website.
Redondo Optics, Inc.
Redondo Optics Inc.’s product lines include passive and dynamic fiber Bragg grating sensor(s) and interrogation systems for multi-point distributed measurement of strain, temperature, pressure, vibration, acceleration, acoustics, acoustic emissions, and ultrasound; distributed fiber optic sensors for hydrocarbon fuels (liquid and gas), RH and moisture, and cryogenic gas leak detection, multi-parameter fiber optic fluorescence sensors (O2, CO2, H2, T, P, pH, RH), fluorescence lifetime detection systems, and micro- and nanofluidic biochips for biological analysis. Click here to access Redondo Optics Website.
Transtek International Group
TIG is a technology spin-off company with extensive experience in modeling, simulation, sensing, imaging, field testing and assessment of structural systems for maintenance, rehabilitation, preservation and management decision-making for civil, aerospace and energy structures. TIG provides local and global monitoring of structures for rapid, cost-efficient and effective assessment with particular capabilities on non-contact (image-based) monitoring. Click here to access TIG Website.

Exhibition Map

The focus of the workshop is to promote applications of SHM technologies and to encourage interaction between industry and academia. We place significant emphasis on industrial applications including aerospace, ground transportation systems, and civil infrastructures.

Please register your company or institution by filling out the registration form with a brief description of the product that you wish to display or demonstrate. Upon completion of the selection process you will be invited to reserve a booth space.

The package includes:

• Lunches
• Networking BBQ
• Exhibitor listed on final program and website.
• Booth size: TBD, around 10’x10’
• Table size: 3’x8’
• Chairs: 2
• Internet availability
• Note: Exhibition is outdoors in shaded area. However, please expect and prepare for slightly windy conditions.
120V/5A power will be provided. If you are bringing large equipment, please contact us first.

Please apply to the exhibition by filling out the following form: Application Form

You will need to provide a brief description of your display or demonstration. Invitations to register for booth space will be granted to qualified organizations on a first come, first serve basis until July 15, 2017, at which time acceptances will be determined by the remaining space.