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SHM Short Course Notice

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Los Alamos Dynamics, LLC will offer its 3-day short course entitled Structural Health Monitoring Using Statistical Pattern Recognition for the 37th time in Palo Alto, CA on September 9-11, 2017.  The course will introduce engineers to techniques for damage detection in structures as determined by changes in their measured dynamic response characteristics.   Theory, application, and computerized implementation of this technology are covered in this course. Upon completion of the course attendees will be able to describe structural health monitoring as a problem in statistical pattern recognition, understand various components of a statistical pattern recognition approach to SHM, see real-world applications of damage identification in the aerospace, civil, and mechanical engineering fields, summarize current and emerging sensing technologies being used for structural health monitoring, and summarize practical implementation issues.  

The course will offer three sessions of “hand-on” examples worked by the attendees using the SHMTools software.  The attendees will analyze data from various SHM experiments.

Also, the attendees will be provided with a reference book: Structural Health Monitoring A Machine Learning Perspective, which provides further detailed summaries of the topics introduced in this course.

The instructors are:

Dr. Charles Farrar; Los Alamos National Laboratory;
Dr. Eric Flynn, Los Alamos National Laboratory; 
Prof. Michael Todd, University of California – San Diego