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Idea: Build-a-Store Brainstorming Project

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

The following could be done as a rapid-fire 1-hour brainstorming assignment.

A group of students would be asked to design a store (and this is the only requirement) for KIDS.

Originally, I was thinking about a Toy store but have each group discuss about stretching and staying within this scope. For example, a Toy store might sell what mainstream consumers might consider toys, or they could have collector’s toys, or just a subset of the Toy realm (eg, BoardGames, or Video Games) – or they could have magazines/comics on top of toys – if they think that is what would “drive” kids to their store.

The subsequent idea is to design any store so long as the appeal is to KIDS. Preferably, the store would be something that could be set up at their school – either as something that would open regularly (eg, daily, weekly or monthly) or just once a year (eg, something for the holidays or a school event).

Some of the things that they would brainstorm and pull together are:
(1) Scope of the store – customers (eg, age and male/female/both) and type of goods/wares/services
(2) Sample of actual items they would want to sell
(3) Purpose of having the store
(4) Positioning of the store (how it fits into the proprietors or school’s goals); uniqueness and appeal
(5) Look of the store – design a storefront (real or virtual)
(6) Name of the store, design a logo and create a slogan
(7) Plans for growth and sustaining interest

Since this is just a brainstorming (dreaming) exercise, we would not discuss logistics. The intention of this exercise is for students to express their dreams without substantial practical consideration.