sherlock lab

We seek highly motivated students and postdocs with an interest in genetics, genomics, evolution, or biology in general. We also welcome those with backgrounds in bioinformatics, computational biology and computer science, who are interested in applying their expertise to the biological questions we seek to answer. We're looking for people with a strong work ethic, who are intensely curious, and have a strong desire to tackle big problems and make important contributions.

Graduate students can only enter the lab through a Stanford graduate program, into which they must be accepted. Typically this will be through the Graduate Biosciences program, frequently in the Department of Genetics, though students in any of the Biosciences Departments at Stanford may join the lab.

If you are a current Stanford student interested in rotating, please Gavin

Interested post-doctoral candidates should inquire by sending to Gavin, including a cover letter and CV. If your cover letter doesn't specifically indicate what interests you about the lab, you are unlikely to receive a response. Please also provide the names of 3 people who can be contacted for letters of reference.

Undergraduates and others who are interested in working in the lab should Gavin with a CV and summary of research interests. We're always interested in talented and enthusiastic students joining the lab. Information about proposals and deadlines for undergraduate research funding opportunities is available from the Stanford Office of Undergraduate Advising and Research and the SSRP program. Ideally we expect a long-term commitment to a research project, typically two academic years and a summer.