Principal Investigator
Sindy K.Y. Tang, Ph.D.
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University

Education & Outreach


  • Spring 2012-present. Introductory Fluids Engineering (ME 70)
  • Winter 2013-2015; Fall 2015-2016. Introduction to Micro and Nano Electromechanical Systems (E 240)
  • Fall 2011-2015; Winter 2016-2017. Optofluidics: Interplay of Light and Fluids at the Micro and Nanoscale (ME 321)


Check out our working website for STEM outreach on Nature's Tiny Marvels!

11.05.2016 Our lab hosted a booth at the Bay Area Science Festival at AT&T Park!

08.29.2016 Congrats to Guanya for a successful summer UGVR project!

11.7.2015 Our lab hosted a booth at the Bay Area Science Festival at AT&T Park!

7.2014 Sindy taught part of the summer course on Physiology: Modern Cell Biology Using Microscopic, Biochemical and Computational Approaches at the Marine Biology Lab in Summer 2014! Quoting the course website: "The Physiology Course has a rich history, dating back to 1892, of training the leaders in biology and generating Nobel Prize experiments. However, this is not your grandfather’s Physiology Course! This intensive laboratory course has been revamped to meet the new challenges in biology by providing a unique interdisciplinary training environment at the interface between cellular and computational biology. The Physiology Course will bring together biological and physical/computational scientists, both in the faculty and the student body, to work together on cutting-edge problems in cell physiology."

3.22.2013 Our lab participated at the Third Annual Science Alliance Showcase for 3rd – 6th graders at Warm Springs Elementary School in Fremont, CA!

11.3.2012 Our lab hosted a booth on Bubbles, Foams and Soufflés at the Bay Area Science Festival at AT&T Park!

10.10.2012 Sindy shared her experience on transitioning to grad school at the Stanford ME Women's Group!

8.24.2012 Our undergrads Alice and Ryan presented their work at the SURI poster symposium!

12.2011 - 6.2012 Our lab hosted Michelle Lee, a student from FootHill College -- we will miss you, Michelle!

2003 Caltech-HK undergraduate summer research exchange Sindy founded this program in 2003. Program alumni have been accepted into top graduate schools as a direct result of their summer research experience.

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