Christopher Potts +> Data


  1. The Cards Corpus [citation]
  2. DynaSent [citation]
  3. Indirect question–answer corpora [citation]
  4. Large Movie Review Dataset [citation]
  5. MonotonicityNLI (MoNLI) [citation]
  6. PragBank [citation]
  7. Roam Drug–Disease Dataset [citation]
  8. TalkDown: A corpus for condescension detection in context [citation]
  9. Stanford Chinese Colors in Context Datasets [citation]
  10. Stanford English Colors in Context Dataset [citation]
  11. Stanford Corpus of Implicatives (SCI) [citation]
  12. Stanford Natural Language Inference (SNLI) corpus [citation]
  13. Stanford Text2Scene Spatial Learning Dataset [citation]
  14. Stanford Sentiment Treebank [citation]
  15. Stanford Politeness Corpus [citation]
  16. SuspectGuilt [citation]
  17. Natural Language Inference in Turkish (NLI-TR) [citation]
  18. Wikipedia Requests for Adminship corpus [citation]

Experimental data

  1. Pragmatic reference games [citation]
  2. Conventions for perlocution [citation]
  3. Embedded scalar quantifiers [citation]

Other resources

  1. Hurford's Constraint counterexamples [citation]
  2. Embedded appositives [citation]
  3. Wait a minute! What kind of discourse strategy is this? [citation]
  4. Word-level corpora with naturalistic sentiment labels