Christopher Potts +> Selected talks

  1. Christopher Potts. 2021. Reliable characterizations of NLP systems as a social responsibility. ACL-IJCNLP 2021 keynote address. Associated slides.
  2. Christopher Potts. 2021. Compositionality or systematicity? Franklin Award Symposium for Barbara Partee. Associated slides.
  3. Christopher Potts. 2021. Towards more meaningful benchmarks for natural language understanding CMU LTI colloquium. Associated slides.
  4. Christopher Potts. 2020. Adversarial testing in natural language understanding. Webinar for XC224u, Stanford University. This was a sort of promotional event for the online professsional development course. Associated slides.
  5. Christopher Potts. 2019. Course lectures for Natural Language Understanding. CS224u, Stanford University, Spring 2019 quarter.
  6. Christopher Potts. 2016–. Short screencasts on core concepts in natural language understanding. CS224u, Stanford University.
  7. Christopher Potts. 2016–. Short screencasts on core concepts in semantics and pragmatics. Linguist 130a/230a, Stanford University.
  8. Christopher Potts. 2016. Learning in extended and approximate Rational Speech Acts models. EMNLP 2016 keynote address. Associated slides.
  9. Christopher Potts. 2012. Extracting social meaning and sentiment. NASSLLI 2012, UT Austin, Jun 18-22. Lecture series on doing sentiment analysis from a linguist's perspective.
  10. Christopher Potts. 2011. Computational pragmatics. LSA Institute, Boulder, CO, July 8 – Aug 2. Lecture series on on using computational resources (corpora, algorithms, etc.) to explore pragmatic phenomena.
  11. Christopher Potts. 2008. The dynamics of apposition. Chris Barker's NYU Linguistics seminar on dynamics, Feb 25. Seeks to intergrate my multidimensional approach to appositives with non-monotonic dynamic semantics.