Christopher Potts +> Selected talks

  1. Christopher Potts. 2021. Compositionality or systematicity? Franklin Award Symposium for Barbara Partee. Associated slides.
  2. Christopher Potts. 2020. Adversarial testing in natural language understanding. Webinar for XC224u, Stanford University. This was a sort of promotional event for the new online professsional development course. Associated slides.
  3. Christopher Potts. 2019. Course lectures for Natural Language Understanding. CS224u, Stanford University, Spring 2019 quarter.
  4. Christopher Potts. 2016–. Short screencasts on core concepts in natural language understanding. CS224u, Stanford University.
  5. Christopher Potts. 2016–. Short screencasts on core concepts in semantics and pragmatics. Linguist 130a/230a, Stanford University.
  6. Christopher Potts. 2018. Linguists for Deep Learning; or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neural Networks. Invited talk at *SEM 2018, New Orleans, LA, June 6. An argument that deep learning is great for research on linguistic meaning.
  7. Christopher Potts. 2016. Learning in extended and approximate Rational Speech Acts models. Invited talk at EMNLP 2016, Austin, TX, Nov 1. Based on joint work with Michael C. Frank, Noah D. Goodman, Robert Hawkins, Dan Jurafsky, Will Monroe, and Adam Vogel.
  8. Christopher Potts [joint research with Daniel Lassiter, Michael C. Frank, and Roger Levy]. 2015. Embedded implicatures as pragmatic inferences under compositional lexical uncertainty. Slideshow companion to this paper and this code.
  9. Christopher Potts. 2012. Montague semantics. Guest lecture in Symbolic Systems 100, Stanford, Apr 26. This is my attempt to describe and motivate formal semantics in just over an hour to people who know a lot of technical stuff but have not studied semantics.
  10. Christopher Potts. 2012. Extracting social meaning and sentiment. NASSLLI 2012, UT Austin, Jun 18-22. Lecture series on doing sentiment analysis from a linguist's perspective. This is a more focused and research-oriented countepart to the tutorial below.
  11. Christopher Potts. 2011. Sentiment Analysis Tutorial. Sentiment Analysis Symposium, San Francisco, Nov 8-9. Interactive website for my practical introduction to building effective sentiment analysis systems.
  12. Christopher Potts. 2011. Developing adjective scales from user-supplied textual metadata. NSF Workshop on Restructuring Adjectives in WordNet. Arlington,VA, Sep 30 – Oct 1. Develops and evaluates methods for using naturally occurring metadata (star ratings on service and product reviews) to inform WordNet annotators in constructing modifier scales.
  13. Christopher Potts. 2011. Computational Pragmatics. LSA Institute, Boulder, CO, July 8 – Aug 2. Lecture series on on using computational resources (corpora, algorithms, etc.) to explore pragmatic phenomena.
  14. Christopher Potts. 2008. The dynamics of apposition. Chris Barker's NYU Linguistics seminar on dynamics, Feb 25. Seeks to intergrate my multidimensional approach to appositives with non-monotonic dynamic semantics.