Course I will be teaching in Fall 2014

EE 278: Statistical Signal Processing

Some previous courses I have taught

EE 178/278A: Probabilistic System Analysis

EE 20: Structure and Interpretation of Systems and Signals. (Berkeley)

EE 229A: Information Theory and Coding (Berkeley)

CS 70: Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory (Berkeley, joint with David Wagner, Alistair Sinclair and Satish Rao) (notes from an offering of the course in 2009 can be found here.)

290S: Network Information Flow (Berkeley, joint with Anant Sahai)

EE 226A: Random Processes in Systems (Berkeley)

EE 121: Introduction to Digital Communication Systems (Berkeley)

EE 122: Communication Networks (Berkeley, joint with Abhay Parekh)

EE 126: Probability and Random Processes (Berkeley)

EE 224: Digital Communications (Berkeley)

EE 290Q: Advanced Topics in Communication Networks (Berkeley)