Teaching English Reflectively with Technology

An IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG publication
in collaboration with the TESOL CALL-IS

Edited by Philip Hubbard & Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou


Table of Contents


Introductory Chapter

Ordering the Book

Ordering the Book
Contributors and members of the LT SIG who were current at the time of publication (June 2017) should have received copies (pdf version, epub version, or both) electronically. Members of the CALL-IS were sent notices in late November through the MyTESOL CALL-IS Community list with links for downloading their free copies.
A limited print run for authors was produced--no additional copies are available to my knowledge. Others, including libraries, can find the Kindle version of the book at https://www.amazon.com/Teaching-Reflectively-Technology-Learning-Interest-ebook/dp/B07H8F6YTT/ (US). If you are in another country and the link doesn't work, try searching by title.   Any other questions regarding the book should be addressed to the LT SIG as they hold the copyright.
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