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16 November 2021 - We hosted Reena Debray from UC Berkeley for an (in-person!) eco-evo lunch talk.

1 October 2021 - Tad co-led the first meeting of an iDiv working group on priority effects with Ben Delory, who visited the lab back in summer 2019 to initiate this collaboration.

2 September 2021 - Undergraduate students Theo Gress and Aisling Murran presented their summer research on tree-hole microcosms with Chih-Fu at BSURP symposium.

3 August 2021 - At ESA this week, Priscilla is presenting her kiwi microbiome project and Tad is presenting the species-pool experiment with Leslie and Megan.

22 June 2021 - Callie presents a talk on evolution of priority effects at Evolution 2021.

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