Lab news

20 January 2020 - Tad to give an Ecology Seminar Series talk at Duke on 26 January

9 December 2020 - With Mordecai and Peay labs, we made a list of the best papers of 2020.

4 December 2020 - Maggie talks about her experiences that led to where she is today as a PhD student in a Roots to STEM Podcast interview.

24 November 2020 - Priscilla is presenting her kiwi microbiome research (see preprint) at New Zealand Microbiological Society on 26 November.

23 November 2020 - Callie selected as Bio Futures Fellow by Stanford Bioengineering Department.

12 November 2020 - Leslie presents work on honey bee microbes at Entomological Society of America meeting.

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