8 November 2023 - Maggie and Lucas will be teaching a three-week course, BIOS 258: Reproducibility through effective coding and data management.

27 September 2023 - The lab welcomes Rosa McGuire as a new postdoc and Ethan VanValkenburg as a new PhD student.

27 September 2023 - Tad is appointed Faculty Director of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve. More detail here

26 July 2023 - Listen to the Satoyama Podcast, made by undergraduate students who took the Ecology of Satoyama (traditional rural landscapes) class that Tad taught at Stanford Japan Center. Here are a few example episodes: Satoyama and TEK and Interview with Hiroko Fujito.

3 June 2023 - We are looking forward to welcoming Jessica Aguilar and Rosa McGuire as new postdocs and Ethan VanValkenburg as a new PhD student later this year.

17 February 2023 - Callie Chappell successfully defended her PhD thesis.

7 February 2023 - Amaury Payelleville joins the lab as a postdoc.

31 January 2023 - William Ou joins the lab as a visiting PhD student from the University of British Columbia.

15 January 2023 - Sonja Saine joins the lab as a visiting PhD student from the University of Helsinki.

10 January 2023 - Callie wins the Outstanding Student Presentation at the ASN meeting. Watch the award-winning talk here.

5 January 2023 - Tad speaks about our nectar microbe research to San Mateo Beekeepers' Guild.

12 December 2022 - With Mordecai and Peay Labs, we selected the best papers of 2022.

17 November 2022 - Tad paricipates in the LTER ecosystem transitions workshop at NCEAS.

15 November 2022 - Amanda Wu joins the lab as a postdoc, to work on the microbial ecology of nectar and fire.

3 November 2022 - We are presenting nectar microbes at the Lil' NightLife event held at the California Academy of Sciences.

26 October 2022 - We are hosting Silu Wang for an eco-evo lunch talk on campus.

1 October 2022 - Lucas Nell joins the lab as a postdoc, to work on evolution and alternative states in nectar microbes.

6 September 2022 - Emma Román joins the lab as a technian, to work on a collaborative project with Alison Gould at the California Academy of Sciences.

24 August 2022 - Fatou Barrie and Yadira Calderón present the BSURP projects they did in the lab this summer

10 August 2022 - Priscilla successfuly defended her PhD thesis on avian gut microbes. Congratulations!

9 June 2022 - Hosted by Mushroom Hour, Tad talks about historical contingency in a podcast.

14 May 2022 - Lucas Nell is awarded an NSF postdoc fellowship, which he will use to join our lab this fall.

24 April 2022 - Tad to speak at University of Wyoming Botany Department on 28 April, hosted by Lauren Shoemaker.

1 April 2022 - Kaoru Tsuji leaves the lab to start her own lab as a professor at Kobe University.

9 December 2021 - With Mordecai and Peay labs, we made our list of the best papers of 2021.

30 November 2021 - We have a postdoc opening for collaboration with Alison Gould at Cal Academy, on microbial symbiont community assembly in bioluminescent coral reef fish. Desirable expertise includes host-microbe interactions, bacterial transformations, and fluorescent microscopy.

16 November 2021 - We hosted Reena Debray from UC Berkeley for an (in-person!) eco-evo lunch talk.

1 October 2021 - Tad co-led the first meeting of an iDiv working group on priority effects with Ben Delory, who visited the lab back in summer 2019 to initiate this collaboration.

2 September 2021 - Undergraduate students Theo Gress and Aisling Murran presented their summer research on tree-hole microcosms with Chih-Fu at BSURP symposium.

3 August 2021 - At ESA this week, Priscilla is presenting her kiwi microbiome project and Tad is presenting the species-pool experiment with Leslie and Megan.

22 June 2021 - Callie presents a talk on evolution of priority effects at Evolution 2021.

21 May 2021 - The lab says farewell to Leslie, who is moving on from a postdoc position with us to a senior scientist position with Mycoworks.

15 April 2021 - Tad gave a 25-min talk in the Ecology Live 2021 series run by the British Ecological Society. Available on YouTube.

26 March 2021 - Priscilla talks about her experience that led to where she is today as a PhD student in a Roots to STEM Podcast interview.

3 March 2021 - Tad delivers a Chitty Lecture at UBC.

25 February 2021 - We are hosting Judie Bronstein for a Departmental seminar on 1 March.

25 January 2021 - Tad to give an Ecology Seminar Series talk at Duke on 26 January

9 December 2020 - With Mordecai and Peay labs, we made a list of the best papers of 2020.

4 December 2020 - Maggie talks about her experiences that led to where she is today as a PhD student in a Roots to STEM Podcast interview.

24 November 2020 - Priscilla is presenting her kiwi microbiome research (see preprint) at New Zealand Microbiological Society on 26 November.

23 November 2020 - Callie selected as Bio Futures Fellow by Stanford Bioengineering Department.

12 November 2020 - Leslie presents work on honey bee microbes at Entomological Society of America meeting.

27 October 2020 - The lab is happy to host Maria Rebolleda-Gomez's talk presented to the Stanford ecology and evolution group.

7 October 2020 - Callie and her mentees write a guest blot post on undergraduate research training in Dynamic Ecology.

3 September 2020 - Maggie publishes her undergraduate thesis research in PLoS ONE.

21 August 2020 - We enjoyed having Senay Yitbarek as a special guest in our weekly lab meeting, to learn about his research and career. Thank you, Senay!

30 June 2020 - We welcome four summer undergrad researchers to the lab: Lexi Golden, Briana Martin-Villa, and Sawye Raygani from Stanford, and Jonathan Barros from Cañada College, all working remotely but closely with us, mostly Priscilla and Callie.

29 June 2020 - Tad starts a one-month visiting professorship at the University of Tokyo, hosted by Takehito Yoshida, while staying engaged remotely with the lab back at Stanford.

26 May 2020 - Priscilla is awarded the DARE Doctoral Fellowship.

12 May 2020 - Nick successfully defends his PhD thesis. Recorded and viewable here. Poster by Priscilla.

18 April 2020 - Priscilla receives AOS Carnes Award, which will support her research on host-microbe-parasite interactions in wild versus captive Brown Kiwi.

31 March 2020 - Nick writes a behind-the-paper blog post, "Long-term insights into tropical biodiversity," reflecting on Hendershot et al. 2020 Nature.

2 March 2020 - ESA selects Callie as a Graduate Student Policy Award recipient.

13 January 2020 - We started 2020 with several presentations: Callie and Tad at ASN, Leslie at UC Davis, and Callie also at Northern California Botanists Symposium.

12 January 2020 - Two collaborators visiting the lab this month, Kaoru Tsuji from Kyoto and Zech Meunier from Oregon State

3 January 2020 - Farewell to our postdoc, Megan Morris, who is moving on to a postdoc position in the LLNL Biofuels group. Megan will continue to collaborate with us on nectar microbes.

9 December 2019 - With Mordecai and Peay Labs, we made our list of best papers of 2019 in ecology and evolution.

2 December 2019 - Tad presented nectar research at Magic, hosted by Robin Bayer.

11 November 2019 - Adina Howe visits the lab for NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity collaboration.

29 September 2019 - Tad to give a lecture at the Field Museum on 2 Ocrober. Hosted by Matt Nelsen.

23 September 2019 - The lab hosts Nancy Moran, a Biology seminar speaker.

10 September 2019 - Chih-Fu Yeh joins the lab as a new PhD student. See lab members page for his bio.

5 August 2019 - Our ESA presentations next week: Also check out our co-authored talk: 15 July 2019 - Ben Delory, a postdoc from Vicky Temperton's lab, is visiting us this summer for priority effects research collabration.

14 July 2019 - Cory Duckworth, an undergraduate from the University of North Georgia, is working with us this summer, funded by Stanford Summer Research Program. Jonathan Hernandez and Clara Kieschnick, both Stanford undergraduates, are also doing research with us this summer, funded by Biology Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

7 June 2019 - Po-Ju successfully defends his PhD thesis, "Temporal development of plant-soil feedbacks and its effects on plant community dynamics."

24 May 2019 - Callie's 3-min video summarizes her PhD thesis proposal on community genetics of nectar microbes.

8 May 2019 - Dynamic Ecology quotes Leslie regarding the importance of supporting one another (see last paragraph).

17 April 2019 - Wittmann and Fukami (2018) receives Presidential Award.

5 April 2019 - Tad elected as ESA Fellow

2 April 2019 - Callie to present JGI-supported research at Annual Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting

7 March 2019 - Tad to give a plenary lecture at the 30th Fungal Genetics Conference on 14 March

8 February 2019 - Masato Yamamichi to visit the lab for collaboration on 12-13 February

2 February 2019 - The lab is hosting Rachel Germain as Biology Department seminar speaker on 4 February.

10 January 2019 - Leslie and Callie, with Maggie, Priscilla, and Megan, share nectar yeast knowledge at the Fungus Among Us event at the California Academy of Sciences.

5 December 2018 - With Mordecai and Peay labs, we chose the best papers of 2018.

5 November 2018 - Tad to visit Washington University as a student-invited speaker on 8 November

3 October 2018 - Poster by Katie Eritano and Veronica Hsu, the undergraduates who worked in the lab this summer, recognized as exemplary in a design tips video

26 September 2018 - Callie selected as an ASN Graduate Student Council member, joining Po-Ju, ESA Theoretical Ecology Section Student Liaison, and Tad, ASN Secretary, in serving as a society representative

8 August 2018 - Our ESA presentations this week: Also check out our co-authored talks: 26 June 2018 - Nectar yeasts from Letten et al. 2018 on the cover of PNAS

15 June 2018 - Sergio Álvarez-Pérez, Marion Donald, and Kaoru Tsuji visiting the lab for collaboration this summer

11 June 2018 - Stanford News article highlights our new PNAS paper led by former postdoc, Andrew Letten.

19 May 2018 - Adina Howe, our NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity collaborator, and her students visiting the lab this coming week

18 April 2018 - Tad to give Bartholomew Brandt Lecture at NCSU on 19 April

28 March 2018 - Priscilla selected as a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellow

13 March 2018 - Po-Ju receives funding to attend the modelling population dynamics with PSPM course in The Netherlands, taught by Andre de Roos, Hal Caswell, and others.

12 March 2018 - Callie has been accepted to MBL Microbial Diversity course for this summer.

26 March 2018 - Tad to speak at Claremont Colleges on 28 March

21 March 2018 - Tad elected Secretary of the American Society of Naturalists

12 March 2018 - Our new work on Japanese apricot microbes receives support from Stanford's FSI Japan Fund and OIA International Research Exploration Fund.

8 March 2018 - Local newspaper, Kii-Minpo, publishes an article about nectar microbes in Japanese apricot, a new project with Kaoru Tsuji.

4 March 2018 - Oikos publishes Toju et al. 2018 as Editor's Choice.

2 January 2018 - We are kicking off 2018 with meeting presentations: Priscilla on avian microbiome at SICB, and Po-Ju on plant-soil feedback, Marion on nectar microbes, and Tad on Sutherland 1974 at ASN.

12 December 2017 - Best papers of 2017 according to us

30 October 2017 - Both Priscilla and Nick receive an OTS Research Fellowship for their work in Costa Rica.

18 October 2017 - Tad to speak at University of Pittsburgh on 23 October, hosted by Tia-Lynn Ashman

24 September 2017 - JGI CSP program approves our proposal, "Genomic Basis of the Ecological Success of Nectar Yeasts in their Carbon-Stressed and Nitrogen-Limited Environments."

16 September 2017 - Tad to speak at University of Kansas on 19 September, hosted by Bryan Foster.

12 September 2017 - Stanford News publishes an article on our new NSF Dimensions project.

16 August 2017 - NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity program funds the lab's proposal to study nectar microbial communities, in collaboration with the GERMS lab led by Adina Howe, as well as with Rachel Vannette, Nona Chiariello, and Kaye Storm.

15 August 2017 - Letten, Ke, and Fukami (2017) receives the ESA Theoretical Ecology Section's annual award for the best paper in theoretical ecology.

31 July 2017 - Our ESA presentations next week 10 July 2017 - Two postdoc positions available. Accepting applications until the positions are filled.

26 June 2017 - Nancy Chang, Jasmine Gilliam, and Ben LeRoy join the lab as summer undegraduate researchers. Funded by Stanford VPUE and NSF REU.

22 June 2017 - Tad to speak at Evolutionary Ecology and Genomics Workshop at Beijing Normal University on 25 June.

19 June 2017 - Marion Donald, a PhD student from Miller Lab at Rice, is visiting the lab to analyze her nectar microbes from Costa Rica.

14 May 2017 - Tad to give a talk at MIT on 18 May. Hosted by Otto Cordero and Serguei Saavedra.

12 May 2017 - Devin successfully defends his PhD thesis, "Temporal determinants of fungal community assembly." He will move on to do a postdoc with Posy Busy at Oregon State University.

27 April 2017 - Nick receives a Wetmore Award from the American Ornithological Society, which will fund field work in Costa Rica for his PhD research.

17 April 2017 - Kaoru Tsuji joins the lab as visiting postdoc. See lab members page for her interest.

5 April 2017 - Tad to give a talk at Rutgers University on 13 April. Hosted by Michael Roswell and Rachael Winfree.

23 March 2017 - Tad to give a talk at University of Alabama on 24 March. Hosted by Jennifer Howeth.

21 February 2017 - Postdoc position available. Apply by March 15, 2017.

20 January 2017 - Lab picks the best papers of 2016, jointly with Mordecai and Peay Labs.

13 January 2017 - Tess Grainger has arrived as a visiting PhD student, to do experiments in the lab for 4 months.

30 December 2016 - Tad to speak at CEES 2017 at UC San Diego on 6 January.

16 December 2016 - Undergraduate students: several fully funded summer research positions available in our lab. Apply by January 31.

8 December 2016 - In a new video about Stanford's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, lab alum Melinda Belisle and Tad talk about research and teaching.

23 November 2016 - Tad to speak at Aarhus University on 29 November, hosted by Bob Muscarella and Jens Svenning

15 November 2016 - Melinda Belisle, former PhD student of the lab, featured in an article by WPI, her alma mater.

1 November 2016 - Tad to participate in iDiv conference and give keynote lecture on 7 November.

19 October - Manpreet to present nectar yeast genome work at EMBO conference in Heidelberg, Germany, on 21 October.

18 October 2016 - Journal of Ecology picks our paper on evolutionary priority effects in New Zealand plants as Editor's Choice.

9 October 2016 - Manpreet to present our new genome paper at SFSU on 11 October.

7 October 2016 - Tad to give a NIOO seminar on 11 October.

3 October 2016 - Tad to give a Peter & Rosemary Grant Lecture at University of Zurich on 6 October.

22 September 2016 - Tad to visit Uppsala University to give a talk on 27 September. Hosted by Silke Langenheder

20 September 2016 - Paper led by Kai on the cover of PNAS today

12 September 2016 - Tad to give a talk at Lund Univ. on 15 Setpember. Hosted by Kristin Aleklett

7 September 2016 - PNAS paper led by Kai, former postdoc of the lab, on Jasper Ridge grassland climate change experiment receiving press attention

29 August 2016 - Tad to visit Luc De Meester and others at KU Leuven and give a talk on 2 September.

9 August 2016 - Po-Ju, an award-winning speaker, presents his ESA talk on soil microbes associated with sand-dune plants.

6 July 2016 - Manpreet presents genomic work on nectat yeast priority effects at SMBE 2016.

29 June 2016 - Priscilla San Juan joins the lab as new PhD student. She is participating in ADVANCE program this summer.

30 May 2016 - Matt Knope, former PhD student of the lab, accepts tenure-track Assistant Professorship offer from Biology Department of UH Hilo.

24 May 2016 - British Ecological Society features the lab's nectar yeasts at Chelsea Flower Show.

17 May 2016 - Tad to visit EEB and MRC at University of Helsinki and give a talk on 25 May.

7 May 2016 - Manpreet's JGI talk on nectar yeast genomics presented on 23 March now viewable as YouTube video

2 May 2016 - Holly Moeller, a former PhD student of the lab, accepts an Assistant Professorship in Quantitative Ecology, to begin July 2017, at UC Santa Barbara Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology.

2 April 2016 - Devin receives a Mycological Society of America Graduate Research Fellowship.

27 March 2016 - Devin's NSF DDIG proposal , "Species pool influences on the structure and function of fungal symbiont communities," has been approved for funding.

23 March 2016 - Manpreet is presenting today as invited speaker at JGI Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting.

3 March 2016 - Tad to give a talk at Rutgers on 10 March and a keynote talk at ECSS at Michigan on 12 March

27 February 2016 - Tad to give a CEHG16 talk on 1 March about Manpreet's genome sequencing of nectar yeasts

23 February 2016 - Meike's "eco-evolutinoary buffering" paper available on bioRxiv - the lab's first pre-print posting

17 January 2016 - Tad to give a talk at UGA Plant Biology on 1 February.

8 January 2016 - Farewell to Kai Zhu, who moves to Rice University as a Huxley Fellow, but collaboration with him continues.

9 December 2015 - The lab picks the best papers of 2015.

11 November 2015 - Stanford CEHG interviews Andrew, our newest postdoc. Read here.

10 November 2015 - Manpreet invited to speak at Genomics of Energy & Environment meeting at JGI in March next year.

3 October 2015 - Po-Ju receives Volterra award for the best student talk in theoretical ecology at ESA.

25 September 2015 - Tad to give a UC Davis Ecology and Evolution seminar on 1 October.

14 September 2015 - Tad to give a talk at Iowa State EEOB on 17 September.

1 September 2015 - Rachel Vannette, our former postdoc, starts her lab at UC Davis Dept of Entomology and Nematology.

4 August 2015 - Our talks at ESA next week: Our co-authored talks:
19 July 2015 - Farewell to Meike, who will soon start a new postdoc with Joachim Hermisson at Vienna. But collaboration with her continues.

25 June 2015 - Lab's first PhD Matt Knope accepts Assistant Professor position offer from Biology Department at the University of San Francisco.

1 June 2015 - Po-Ju's paper on plant-soil feedback recommended by Bernhard Schmid et al. in Faculty of 1000.

25 April 2015 - Tad to give a talk on 1 May as a G. Evelyn Hutchinson Speaker invited by Yale EEB graduate students.

17 April 2015 - Tad to give a talk at Princeton EEB on 23 April.

14 April 2015 - Manpreet gives a seminar at the University of Auckland.

24 March 2015 - Devin receives an ASN Student Research Award for his dissertation research.

3 March 2015 - Tad's tenure talk to be held at 4pm on Monday, March 9, in Clark Auditorium. Open to the public. Please come if you can!

1 March 2015 - Po-Ju's paper on plant-soil feedback highlighted in a commentary by Paul Kardol et al. in New Phytologist.

14 February 2015 - Tad's off to Berlin to speak at Bridging Ecology and Molecular Biology symposium.

24 January 2015 - Kai named Carnegie Institution's Barbara McClintock Fellow. Only two postdocs are recognized with this honor annually, based on past accomplishments and future potential. Congrats!

15 January 2015 - Global Change Biology informs Kai that, of the 608 articles contributing to its 2013 Impact Factor, his paper is one of the 25 most-cited.

14 January 2015 - Rachel selected as invited speaker at University of Michigan Early Career Scientists Symposium.

1 January 2015 - Farewell to Holly, now a postdoc at WHOI, and Peter, now a postdoc at Cal State Northridge. But collaboration with them continues.

12 December 2014 - Lab selects the best papers of 2014.

3 November 2014 - Tad's off to Hawaii next week to teach field ecology, as featured today in Stanford News.

1 October 2014 - Goggles Optional interviews Meike on her Genetics papers. Podcasted here.

23 September 2014 - Tad's slides from an Ecological Society of Japan symposium available here, in Japanese.

13 September 2014 - Holly wins Volterra Award for her ESA talk. Congratulations!

6 September 2014 - Rachel accepts a faculty job offer at UC Davis Entomology, to start in fall 2015. Exciting!

2 September 2014 - Tad visits IceLab in Umeå to give research and teaching talks.

26 August 2014 - Holly successfully defends her PhD thesis. Congrats!

8 August 2014 - Many of us from the lab are presenting at ESA next week: Also check out our co-authored talks: 14 July 2014 - Yale EEB graduate students have invited Tad as a G. Evelyn Hutchinson Distinguished Speaker. He is honored and excited! This visit will happen in May 2015.

8 July 2014 - Devin Leopold presents work on New Zealand alpine plants at Island Biology conference.

28 June 2014 - Ecology Letters selects Fukami et al. 2010 for inclusion in the Virtual Issue "The Structure & Effects of Biodiversity from Oceans to Mountains."

17 June 2014 - Holly receives Kallman Award from Stanford Biology, awarded annually to a female graduate student in recognition of special excellence in coursework, teaching, and/or research.

30 May 2014 - A funded PhD student position is available, to work on evolutionary priority effects in New Zealand plants. Apply by June 27.

27 May 2014 - Kai Zhu arrives as our newest postdoc.

14 May 2014 - Manpreet Dhami joins the lab as a new postdoc.

7 May 2014 - Of the four (!) postdoc positions she has been offerred, Holly has decided to take an NSF fellowship to go back to WHOI to work with Mike Neubert and Matt Johnson, starting in January 2015.

18 February 2014 - Meike Wittmann arrives as a new postdoc, to be co-supervised by Dmitri Petrov and Tad.

29 January 2014 - Holly gave a podcast interview on Moeller et al. (2014) to Goggles Optional. In this interview, you can even listen to a song dedicated to the trees and fungi studied by Holly!

23 January 2014 - Stanford News writes about Good et al. (2014) on microbes that make honey bees picky.

16 January 2014 - Ben Callahan receives an honorable mention for the Don Abbott Postdoctoral Research Award at the ASN conference, for his presentation of the niche construction experiment he did in the lab.

15 January 2014 - Vannette and Fukami (2014) recommended by Chih-hao Hsieh in Faculty of 1000. Read his comments here.

20 December 2013 - Manpreet Dhami accepts an offer of the community ecology postdoc position. She will join us in May 2014.

13 December 2013 - The lab picks the best papers of 2013.

27 November 2013 - Kai Zhu accepts an offer of the global change postdoc position, to join us in June 2014.

25 November 2013 - Tad speaks about teaching-research integration at the University of Maryland.

26 September 2013 - Postdoc position in community ecology available. Application due 1 November 2013.

3 September 2013 - Postdoc position in global change ecology available. Application due 1 October 2013.

4 August 2013 - We are attending a lot of summer conferences to share our recent findings. Devin, Holly, Rachel, and Caroline speak at ESA, while Tad presents at BSA, MSA, INTECOL, and a biodiversity workshop. Peter participates in a NESCent working group. Rachel was also at Evolution meetings, while Holly at a math biology workshop.

1 August 2013 - Meike Wittman at Munich receives a CEHG postdoc fellowship. She will join us in January 2014.

10 July 2013 - Melinda's story at Jasper Ridge now viewable.

1 July 2013 - Rachel is the Highlighted Young PPE Member of the Month.

13 June 2013 - Melinda defends her PhD thesis. Congrats!

30 May 2013 - Holly becomes an ARCS Scholar. She also wins a William F. Woo Award for her Stanford Daily column.

8 April 2013 - AAAS describes Science prize awarded to Biology 44Y.

4 April 2013 - PhD student and postdoc positions available on evolutionary community assembly in New Zealand plants

29 March 2013 - Biology 44Y wins a Science Prize for Inquiry-Based Instruction.

11 February 2013 - Caroline Tucker discusses Vannette et al. (2013) in her blog.

4 January 2013 - Peter Zee joins the lab as an NSF postdoc.

13 December 2012 - Lab picks the best papers of the year.

20 November 2012 - Tad speaks at Current Themes in Ecology.

14 October 2012 - Holly's article published in San Francisco Chronicle.

13 October 2012 - Ashley presents her honeybee work at SACNAS.

29 August 2012 - Lab alum Colin Olito, author of Olito & Fukami (2009), wins Volterra Prize for his ESA talk.

10 August 2012 - Ashley, Caroline, Holly, Rachel, and Tad have presented at ESA.

9 July 2012 - Tad lectures on biodiversity in the Hopkins Microbiology Course.

14 June 2012 - Rachel Vannette's new fellowship featured in the Univeristy of Michigan EEB News.

1 June 2012 - Caroline Tucker arrives as a visiting PhD student from Toronto, to work in the lab for 4 months.

23 May 2012 - David Flaspohler, Tad's collaborator on the Hawaii kipuka project, describes the project in a New York Times article.

21 May 2012 - Matt Knope, the lab's first PhD, receives a postdoc fellowship to work with Jon Payne in his Paleobiology Lab. Congrats!

11 May 2012 - Rachel Vannette receives a 3-year LSRF postdoc fellowship sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which will allow her to keep working in the lab on nectar microbes. Congrats!

3 May 2012 - Dan Simberloff, the lab's dad, elected to National Academy of Sciences.

2 May 2012 - Kabir Peay, our former postdoc, returns to Stanford, now as a new Assistant Professor in Biology. Welcome back!

6 April 2012 - Melinda Belisle receives a Ford Foundation Fellowship honorable mention. Congrats!

3 April 2012 - Peter Zee, a PhD student at Indiana University with Jim Bever and Greg Velicer, receives an NSF Postdoc Fellowship. He will use it to join our lab in January 2013.

30 March 2012 - Tad visits the EEB of the UTK, his home school, as a student-invited speaker.

30 March 2012 - Devin Leopold, who will start his PhD study in the lab this fall, receives an NSF pre-doctoral fellowship honorable mention. Congrats!

27 February 2012 - Holly Moeller receives an NSF DDIG. Congratulations!

15 February 2012 - Matt Knope successfuly defends his thesis. Congratulations!

11 January 2012 - Caroline Tucker, a PhD student with Marc Cadotte at the University of Toronto, won an NSERC travel award, which she will use to spend 4 months in our lab later this year.