2009 ESSLLI Student Session

Week 1

Monday (Chair: Thomas Icard)

Arno Bastenhof: Extraction in the Lambek-Grishin Calculus

Armin Buch: Mildly Non-planar Proof Nets for CCG

Tuesday (Chair: Bruno Mery)

Sumiyo Nishiguchi: Extended Qualia-based Lexical Knowledge for Disambiguation of Japanese Postposition "No"

Xuchen Yao, Jianqiang Ma, Sergio Duarte, Cagri Coltekin: Unsupervised Syntax Learning with Categorial Grammars using Inference Rules

Wednesday (Chair: Marija Slavkovik)

Amaldev Manuel: LTL with a Suborder

Szymon Klarman: Description Logics for Relative Terminologies

Thursday (Chair: Thomas Icard)

Daniel Lassiter: The Algebraic View of Amounts: Evidence from Comparatives

Simon Charlow: Can DP be a Scope Island?

Friday (Chair: Bruno Mery)

Ekaterina Ovchinnikova: Automatic Acquisition of the Argument-Predicate Relations from a Frame-Annotated Corpus

Kostadin Cholakov: Towards Morphologically Enhanced Automated Lexical Acquisition

Week 2

Monday (Chair: Marija Slavkovik)

Yavor Nenov: The Theory of Complete Mereotopologies

Pere Pardo: Base Belief Revision for finitary monotonic logics

Tuesday (Chair: Thomas Icard)

Thomas Graf: Towards a Factorization of String-based Phonology

Wednesday (Chair: Bruno Mery)

Daphne Theijssen: Comparing Logistic Regression Models for the British English Dative Alternation

François Bouchet: Characterization of Conversational Activities in a Corpus of Assistance Requests

Thursday (Chair: Thomas Icard)

Stefan Wintein: On Languages that Contain their own Ungroundedness Predicate

Dan Zeman: Meteorological Sentences, Unarticulated Constituents and Relativism


Closing Session