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John Taylor - Argentina Economic Update, Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy, and Trade of the House Financial Services Committee, February 6, 2002*

John Taylor - Argentina's Economic Situation, Subcommittee on International Trade and Finance of the Senate Banking Committee, February 28, 2002*

John Taylor - U.S. Relations with Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 22, 2004 *

John Taylor - The U.S. Commitment to Uruguay and Latin America, Remarks at Embassy of Uruguay on Receipt of the “Medal of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay Washington, DC, February 14, 2005*

John Taylor - Remarks at Latin America 2003: Economic and Financial Predictions – The Bush Administration’s Approach to Latin America: Prospects and Policies

Fed Reserve Board: FOMC Meeting Minutes, September 29, 1998

President Bush: Remarks to Press Pool – August 2001

IMF – “IMF Increases Stand-By Credit to Uruguay by US$1.5 Billion” – June 25, 2002


S&P: The Argentine Crisis: A Chronology of Events after the Sovereign Default

IMF World Economic Outlook – October 2001

CRS – Argentina’s Sovereign Debt Restructuring



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