Jackson Eli Reynolds Professor
  in Humanities,
Professor of Linguistics
Professor of Computer Science
Stanford University
  I study natural language processing and its application to the social and cognitive sciences. I am a past MacArthur Fellow and also work on the language of food.
Margaret Jacks 117
Stanford CA 94305-2150


TWITTER: @jurafsky



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From Languages to Information

Tu/Thu 2:30-3:50,

ling197a: Undergrad Capstone Seminar
Fri 11:30pm-12:50pm

CS 384: Seminar on Social and Ethical Issues in Natural Language Processing
Tu 4:30-6:20

Previous Courses
CS124:     YouTube lecture videos
2012 NLP MOOC w/Chris Manning:
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3rd edn. draft chapters!
Speech and Language Processing
Dan Jurafsky and James H. Martin

James Beard Award


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